Brand Nu’s Top 10 Design Moments of 2007


1. Get The Glass – North Kingdom
Some people may part my opinion on this one, but I ruddy love this project. I’m not into games at all, but this caught my attention and didn’t let go til I got the glass. It may be pretty primitive game if compared to Call 4 Duty or similar heavy weight games, however, I appreciate the coding, idea, and execution. North Kingdom are scoring high. Other websites from the folio to look out for is the Absolute Kravitz. Again, not too keen on Kravitz, but the site is visual porn.

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2. Brand Nu – Splatters, Shapes and Colours
Yup, I am so proud of my little achievement that I had to put it in my top three moments of 2007. The collection of work within the pages, shows my work and its diversity. Online sales have been pretty strong and there’s only around 100 pieces left. If you’re planning on cashing up on me one day, every book is hand-signed. Only kidding.

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3. iPhone and iPod Touch
Apple is on fire. Great products, great design, simply great all around. Still, a few more clued up sales people in the stores would help. Anyways, the iPhone has redefined the whole new generation of mobile phones and rumor has it, the next generation of this little slick beauty should have more features inside.

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4. MWM – Various in 2007
Everytime Matt updates his site, you know there’s gonna be something rather exciting lurking inside. His use of vector graphics and colurs is amazing, the compositions are second to none and I can’t wait to see what he brings out in 2008.

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5. Behance Network
Scott Belsky and co-brought us a little tool to network with other creatives. Nice clean interface, effective tools and navigation. In the times where there’s abundance of social and network websites this one should be here to stay. Once everyone recovered from the ‘Vote for me’ spam, things are back to normal. If you’re after new creative talent or collaborators pop over there and see it for yourself.

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6. McFaul does Toshiba
The undisputed leaders of the designers league spent a month or two or four working on this great project for Toshiba. Incredibly executed and crafted to perfection.

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7. Brand Nu – Murals
One of the defining works of 2007 for me has been a mammoth of a project for Sloanes. I was commissioned to illustrate more than 45sq metres on the theme “Outside / Inside.” Fortunately, the client hasn’t changed much from the first proofs and I had the much appreciated freedom to do my best work. And I did.

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8. Valp | Nietylko
One of my designer friends who keeps pushing the boundaries in different directions to anyone else. 2007 seaw him working on some crackers including fiercely amazing illustrations for various magazines.

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9. Alberto Serveso
The man who brought a new and very fresh style of fashion illustration. His work has been in 2007 in the spotlight of a few magazines earning him well deserved praise. Unfortunately, he also gave a lot of people the idea to copy his work shamelessly.

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10. Edvard Scott
This Stockholm based illustrator is one of the creatives that I keep an eye on. Not most often but every few months there’s something new that would make me stop and think of his creative thoughts. Since then I’ve some other people working to a similar style, however, he’s top of my favorite pile in that direction.

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Brand Nu is the trade name for an outstanding and innovative imageer and graphic designer who has extensive experience and a hands on approach that has resulted in an international client list full of returning customers. Radim Malinic, the creative force behind Brand Nu, prides himself on his artistic sensibility.

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  1. is it absolutely appropriate for an artist to include two of his own works in a top 10 list written for another source?

    given that he already had an interview in format magazine, it just seems like pompous arrogance to me.

  2. You have two of our own projects in there? Even above the iPhone? And some friends… What a limited view. Come on…

  3. hmmmm something stinks in here…

    …way to go and blow your own trumpet there, seriously, lost a lot of respect for this site now and i have to agree with ‘someone’….you rate yourself above the iPhone? your work, although quite nice….that’s all it is, the iPhone is a groundbreaking piece of design that’s revolutionized the market.

    someone needs to wake up.

  4. As this seems as a quite a controversial post, I would like to clarify a few points for some people.

    I was asked to write list of ‘my’ Top Design moments of 2007. It wasn’t to be general ‘design world’ opinion or a poll. This list may seem slightly or much narrow minded to some but foremostly it expresses my thoughts. You, as the reader can disagree. I firmly stand behind the choices and their order.

    Pompous arrogance? Sorry, but I am only proud of fruit of my labour.

  5. That may very well be the case, and I respect you heavily for responding, but if that was the angle you were writing from, then it should have been reflected in the title. “Top 10 Design Moments of 2007″ doesn’t really imply YOUR personal top 10 moments. It implies, to me, the top 10 moments in design written by someone who, presumably, has their ear to the ground in the design world.

    Now, if it was entitled “Brand Nu’s Top 10 Design Moments of 2007″ I would have come into the article expecting less objectivity and a more personal focus on achievement. But to write a top 10 list for a magazine that encompasses the entire design world, all the while tossing in phrases like “Yup, I am so proud of my little achievement that I had to put it in my top three moments of 2007.” is extremely unprofessional and really just self-promotion.

  6. here, here,

    if you hadn’t have written that ‘snap’ i would have, although credit must be given for the other top moments that brand nu gave (the milk game in particular!) you can’t just include your own pieces in there if the title of the post is “Top 10 Design Moments of 2007″ unless you’re jonathan ive or someone with equal amount of walk on water ability.

    I realise that in the design world you have to be a little arrogant but to this extent? it makes me feel a little queezy if i’m honest

  7. To be honest this is just self praise at it’s worst. You mention copying styles as well and again to be quite honest your work is just a major rip of V2 Flatliners early work, and yes they were doing this way before you (and with more substance too).

    Also can you draw your own vectors or do you just rely on downloading stock?

  8. Everyone’s comments are appreciated and understandable.

    To be fair to Brand Nu, Radim was giving his personal opinion and had no involvement in the choosing of the title. The title is definitely misleading and will be changed to reflect the nature of the list.

    Bear in mind, however, that all of this year’s lists are opinion based, regardless of if they appear objective or subjective. Some authors chose to pick their personal favorites, while others decided to work with a larger scope.

    Thank you again for expressing your opinions. Please continue to do so. Format’s community is what makes it such a great place. If you have other nominations for the top design moments of 2007, we would be happy to see them here.

  9. Ok well after that invite I thought I’d do my own list, this is a very general design list and isn’t as graphically leant as Brand Nu’s.

    I’ve never actually done this before and it is surprisingly difficult to pick and choose but anyway….these are the designs that rocked my ’07.

    1/ PRODUCT – Apple iPhone

    What’s there to say that hasn’t already been written about this product? A truly iconic piece of design (again) from Apple, it does make you wonder when/if the wheels will ever fall of this company, just when you thought they might slip at such a crucial time for them, they announce the iPhone. Elegant, simple, user friendly, timeless.

    2/ PRODUCT – Nintendo Wii

    Ok so for years the gaming community has been trying to figure out how to cross the boundary. The boundary being, they’ve only a tiny market, mainly being the young single male. In 2007 Nintendo blew that wide open and fought off mighty competition from the PS3 and Xbox 360…. They released the Wii to the world and with it’s user interface centred design ruled the gaming world. Even my mum who’s 53 and about as computer literate as a door knob asked for one this Christmas. Genius.

    3/ AD-TV – Skoda Fabia

    My favourite ad of the year, the soundtrack is a master stroke (Julie Andrews singing My Favourite Things) a car made of cake, the strap line? Skoda Fabia – Full of lovely stuff. I just love the way car makers are having to change their ball game when it comes to advertising these days due to the whole, killing our earth thing (ssssh) which is in turn allowing for more creative freedom and more risk.

    4/ ARCHITECTURE – Re-opening of St Pancras Station, London

    This station was always something special but it’s been given a massive makeover and was unveiled in 2007 having been nearly demolished in the 1960’s, it’s amazing and truly breathtaking inside with a roof that seems to go on forever.

    5/ VIDEO-MUSIC – D.A.N.C.E. – Justice

    Jesus…no pun intended….Where to start about Justice, having murdered stereos everywhere all summer long with their debut Cross this year. They go and release a video so fat with creativity it had to put extra holes in its belt and walk with a waddle.
    6/ ART/GRAPHIC – Shepherd Fairey

    Shepherd Fairey getting more recognition around the world. Which can only be a good thing, the guy’s a true legend and workaholic, maybe it’s something to do with the fact he’s been blind in both eyes and he’s suffering from life threatening diabetes. I’m always dumb founded when I find one of his more layered pieces and I try to work out how long it must take him to create it.

    7/ AD-TV – Cadburys gorilla advert

    A guy in a monkey suit, playing the drum intro to a Phil Collins track… I’d loved to have been in the board room when they pitched this. Such a risk, well taken. Rising obesity cases throughout the UK are making junk food advertisers think twice about using images of people actually eating their products and are exploring other avenues such as….people dressed as monkeys….playing the drums….to phil Collins…which is great!

    8/ FASHION – TRUSSARDI’s Conveyor Belt Showcase Preview

    With the amount of time we’ve all spent waiting for our luggage at a conveyor belt I’m surprised it’s taken until 2007 for this idea to come to fruition. An amazing way to showcase a new line.

    9/ AD-TV – Coca Cola the Happiness Factory Ad

    The sort of advert that has adults secretly wishing that this kind of thing happened when they buy a coke and kids thinking that this does actually happen when their dad buys them their coke. The original advert has now been made into a lord of the rings-esque adventure featuring all of the previous characters and is, of course, mental.

    10/ PRODUCT – USB battery

    In a world where your neighbours dog is reading up about it’s own carbon footprint I thought I’d put an eco design in here for good measure. Charge your batteries via USB, no cables just a battery, OK granted they haven’t as large a capacity as a normal rechargeable but I’d rather these than carry a charger and of course saving the planet a little as well…

  10. Now above is a real list! As for the Format Mag post, bit of a cop out but well done for defending you contributor.

    Next time however get a real artist who isn’t self obsesed and can perform “new” styles that aren’t just cut n paste and multiply.

  11. no doubt that art is one of the most subjective things and everyone will have their own opinion and a right to it… but caaahman having TWO of your own works in a top 10 list? hmmmmmmm…. i smell wak.

    big up si. hill. Wii had to be in there somewhere. and i dont even play videogames.

  12. I think Brand Nu’s list was an insightful and interesting list to read. The guy was asked to share HIS design moments. He did just this, as far as I can tell.

    The other list above (in the comments) is also great. Loving both.

  13. just reading this for the first time. what a joke. “I’m so great and I work so hard, here are 2 shining moments of design from 2007 done by me because I am fantastic and brilliant.”

    Corny and absurd. If you want to put a project of yours in the top 3, at least put it at #3 and have a little humility.

  14. Confusion over what exactly this list is maybe? Bearing in mind a designer near or at the top of their game should be really comfortable with their style and be feeling every piece they do then why shouldn’t a few of their OWN works make their OWN top 10 moments.

    He wasn’t asked for a list of things he thinks changed or moved or impacted the design world but rather a list of stuff he enjoyed or liked or that developed him as an artist etc etc… personal meaning!

    I think his list has been taken far out of the context it was originally meant

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