Top 10 Artists of 2007


Upso was on point this year. Holding it down at Threadless, curating an amazing Faesthetic Magazine #7, doing gallery shows, design work and a grip of illustration work. He has a distinct signature style that I can spot from a quarter mile away. Respect where it is due. Surf through his site to see what I mean.


Spaceknuckle –
Space is crushing the monochrome work this year. He has a real gift with black and white design and illustration. Keep an eye on him in 08, big things from Spaceknuckle on the horizon. A true talent across disciplines, very unique illustration style. Yo Space, I can’t feel my face!


N8 Williams –
When I think about N8, I picture him cool chillin’ in a big hammock with a mango smoothie in his Argentina backyard. N8 had a mega year, peep his portfolio to see how much top notch work is coming out of his lab. Inspirational, political, raw, real. Also swing through his side project, the definitive portal for illustrators.


Alex Trochut –
Quite possibly the most talented dude on the scene when it comes to type treatments. Remember the BeautifulDecay cover that melted onto your new kicks? Yeah, that was Alex. He is killing it! Live from Barcelona, Spain. Definitely keep him on your radar in 08.


Aerosyn Lex –
The homie Lex is a powerhouse. Another ninja of disciplines and styles, Lex can rock any project with style and a timeless cleanliness. Senior partner of the KDU, Creative Director of The Royal Magazine, SVSV, Savant, internationally recognized typographer, the list goes on. Check the work he did for Beams Japan and Poets & Thieves.


Zach Johnsen –
Zach is a huge inspiration for me. His ink illustration work is sick, his watercolor style is very distinct and alive. He designs, art directs, and has managed the aesthetics of Tank Theory since the beginning. A very knowledgeable and positive dude. I’m pretty sure he is in the insomniac club too. Big up New England!


Von –
London artist Von has been popping up everywhere this year. Another super versatile illustrator, he renders some of the most interesting watercolor portraits and some my favorite psychadelic type treatments. Check his recently updated portfolio for a grip of amazing work.


Doze Green –
One of my favorite artists of all time, Doze continues to amaze and inspire. His new work is getting even more intense. Doze is a true pioneer of this culture, always two steps ahead of the game. If you are unfarmiliar with his fine art work, get dialed in.


Dan Gordon –
Dan has been doing the damn thing this year. Rocking dope graphics for clients all over the globe and making some amazing graphics for his line Breed. Dan is based in New Zealand but you can catch up with him at SlamX and The Royal Magazine. This piece is one of my favorite illustrations of the year, and it is available for free at the above link.


Drez –
Hailing from Budapest, Drez is one of the most prolific designers I know. A master of vector illustration, Drez is on the forefront of a new movement in typography that combines more calculated geometry and symmetry. This past year he has done some truly amazing work. I can’t wait to see what he cooks up in 2008.

MWM Graphics is the art and design studio of Matt W. Moore. Visual solutions with and without electricity. Matt currently lives in Vermont and works as a designer for Burton Snowboards. He also founded and curates the popular website and sticker swap, Wallspankers Magazine. Matt is a regular contributor to Format, The Royal and Riottt.

See our interview with MWM Graphics here.


  1. sick ass hell listen to ryan and start a clothing line with that shit… or hook up with fifty950 and come up with some sweet colorways for fitteds…
    def dope mayn

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