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Peter Fahey - Sneakerpimp

Sneaker fiends are flocking to Sneaker Pimps, an exhibition touring across the globe with 1000 kicks to gawk at, while Peter Fahey, the mastermind of the show, commands a fleet of rubber soles. Sneakerpimps mix of style, hip-hop and rubber is a working example of functional art that isn’t manufactured by government grants and vogue. Fahey talks to Format about laying the foundation for Sneaker Pimps and reveals the lineup for his dream-team Sneaker Pimps exhibition.

Format: Describe your affection for sneakers. Is it materialistic, spiritual or on a whole other level?
Peter Fahey: It’s always been, to me, a good way to define taste, style and sometimes character.

Format: The first pair of sneakers you bought with your own money, what were those sneakers?
Peter Fahey: Airwalks.

Format: In your youth, have sneakers placed you in trouble, i.e. being jacked for your sneakers or vice-versa?
Peter Fahey: Nah not really man, cause I used to wear skate-shoes all the time. I wasn’t a big Jordan head and still am not. I used to find all types of skate-shoes that those types of people didn’t even fuck with.

Peter Fahey - Sneakerpimps

Format: Do you have golden rules for the treatment of your sneakers?
Peter Fahey: Yeah, SKATE IN EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! Shoes are for wearing.

Format: In 2006, sneaker publications in the forms of books and magazines are commonplace. How did you research sneakers in your youth when access to information was limited?
Peter Fahey: Just straight go to shops and look around. I mean there wasn’t really Internet back when I started getting into it, hardcore. So you’d be jumping from store to store you know. Plus, even to this day, I like what I like, not what 1,000,000 people online say is hot. So, rarely, now do I search for shoes online or see what’s coming out. I like going into a store and seeing something that is a dope color-way and coping it. Doesn’t matter if that store is Foot Locker. Hot shoes are hot shoes.

Sneakerpimps Lupe Fiasco

Format: Sneaker Pimps is a major attraction, however, the show is not limited to sneakers. DJs, musicians, artists and custom sneaker designers fill Peter Fahey: Sneaker Pimps’ shows. Describe your all-star line up using all the elements to a Sneaker Pimps show.
Beastie Boys, Nas and Jay-Z on the lineup. Banksy and Kaws painting live. Lakai team doing a street demo. [This] could happen next year in the States–well, I’m dreaming for it, anyways.

Format: What are the challenges that you and the Sneaker Pimps team face while executing shows?
Peter Fahey: Well, displaying 1000 plus sneakers and all that artwork is a huge job, because you have to be very careful to be respectful of the artwork and the sneakers. Having a small staff of say six trying to manage a crowd of 2000-plus people. There are a lot of challenges.

Peter Fahey - Sneakerpimps

Format: What are the factors that either include or exclude sneakers from the shows when you make your selections?
Peter Fahey: Well if the sneaker is from the limited variety then it has to be just that. There has to be some reason why the shoe is in the show, i.e. 1 of 100 pairs in the world and then for art shoes we don’t really exclude anyone. If people are willing to put in the time we are willing to display what they got.

Format: Currently, rapper endorsed sneakers are extremely popular, what rapper(s) that do not have sneakers would you like to see with sneaker endorsements?
Peter Fahey: I think mine already happened years ago. I loved that Wu-Tang Dunk, however, it was more of a collaboration. There actually isn’t anyone who springs to mind who hasn’t done one already

Peter Fahey - Sneakerpimp

Format: Sneaker manufacturers like Nike receive negative publicity for out-sourcing factory work to countries with unstable governments, economies and social programs, with the purpose of being cost efficient; what is your position on this argument?
Peter Fahey: I don’t have one, because I don’t make sneakers, but I don’t like any human being, no matter who it is, being taken advantage of, however, I do understand how economics in third world countries work.

Format: Next to stepping in dog shit, what are the worst things your sneaker soles have endured?
Peter Fahey: My dog actually ate one of my sneakers, before. I had a huge dog and stupid me left my shoes out so it ate and chewed the shit out of my kicks.

Format: What is the future for Sneaker Pimps?
Peter Fahey: Developing the sneaker pimps clothing brand and taking the shows to a higher level. In 2007 we are running a series of Sneaker Pimps block parties throughout the USA, which will all be outdoor and feature live skate demos, live street basketball. Huge hip-hop lineups and, of course, the sneakers.

Sneakerpimps DJ Premier

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