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Designed by Brooklyn-based Mishka, From Her to Eternity updates Art Nouveau’s sensibilities into a classic horror movie poster. Showcasing the contrast between life and death, From Her to Eternity subtlety references the transition from winter into spring.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide. $35.00 – Taxes and S/H included. All prices in USD.

Format: Please discuss your inspirations, references, process, and final design for your inclusion in the Nu Nouveau collection.
Mishka: Well we stuck to the design aesthetic of Art Nouveau which truthfully isn’t our first design inclination. We kind of scoured our usual database of creative reference, horror films and music and came up with this. From Her to Eternity is a Nick Cave’s debut solo album.

Format: Format asked all of the designers of Nu Nouveau to use Art Nouveau as a reference. What art/cultural movements generally inspire your work?
Mishka: Generally pop culture in general is our inspiration and we try to hunt for the obscurer the reference point as possible to drive an idea or inspire us. Music, movies. low-brow art, toys, comics, sports. Whatever we’re into at the time.

Format: Are t-shirts actually a canvas or are we getting a bit too stoosh?
Mishka: I think T-shirts are disposable canvases. Some Ideas stick, some ideas don’t but the beauty is you can just keep at it, it doesn’t really matter.

Format: How, if at all, do you work differently when designing for a t-shirt compared to other media?
Mishka: We don’t. I like to treat design as I would everything else, instinctual.

Format: What else are you up to at the moment that people should be aware of?
Mishka: We just opened our first store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY! Come visit us!


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