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The yin to Nu Nouveau’s yang, Dark Seed—designed by Ottawa-based Eepmon, a.k.a. Eric Chan—underscores spring’s shadows. A simple black on white print, Dark Seed recalls the cold of winter and buried plant-life.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide. $35.00 – Taxes and S/H included. All prices in USD.

Format: Please discuss your inspirations, references, process, and final design for your inclusion in the Nu Nouveau collection.
Eepmon: It was during that time when I was in Vienna, Austria for the XBox360 project that I became fascinated by the architecture that decorated the city. It just so happens that my inspiration complimented well with the Nu Nouveau project.

Format: Format asked all of the designers of Nu Nouveau to use Art Nouveau as a reference. What art/cultural movements generally inspire your work?
Eepmon: I guess I kinda answered question two from my first answer. Currently a mix of Romanesque and Baroque styles fused with Asian and urban aesthetics is what I am striving for at this time.

Format: Are t-shirts actually a canvas or are we getting a bit too stoosh?
Eepmon: However you feel that your work can be best represented.

Format: How, if at all, do you work differently when designing for a t-shirt compared to other media?
Eepmon: For some reason I am a fan of simplicity when it comes to tees. One to three colors max. So negative space becomes my friend

Format: What else are you up to at the moment that people should be aware of?
Eepmon: I am currently doing my exhibition tour of my new works throughout the month of May 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. Please do visit to listen to my audio web documentary of my tour!


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