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Designed by Portland-based Blaine Fontana, Vacation comments on the dichotomy between harmony and imbalance that nature and humans live through every day. Combining unconventional 2D graphics with a hand painted 3D house, Vacation marries old and new media as a testament to this struggle and as a representation of Nu Nouveau.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide. $35.00 – Taxes and S/H included. All prices in USD.

Format: Please discuss your inspirations, references, process, and final design for your inclusion in the Nu Nouveau collection.
Blaine Fontana: The new generation of creatives are unbound by classification, and using unpopular tools for rendering projects. There is an exhuberent source of material and media at our disposal. I used numerous tools and media to illustrate this piece. The house is a current symbol in my work, the house being our bodies and the graphic society around us.

Format: Format asked all of the designers of Nu Nouveau to use Art Nouveau as a reference. What art/cultural movements generally inspire your work?
Blaine Fontana: The green movement, animal rights/protection, renewable energy.

Format: Are t-shirts actually a canvas or are we getting a bit too stoosh?
Blaine Fontana: I feel t-shirts aren’t explored enough with artwork.

Format: How, if at all, do you work differently when designing for a t-shirt compared to other media?
Blaine Fontana: I must consider deeper the timeless and classic appeal of the graphic/art without comprimising originality and dullness.

Format: What else are you up to at the moment that people should be aware of?
Blaine Fontana: I just finally launched my design studio website, seven years of work finally cataloged in a professional site ( It’s been a little secret of mine during all these years known as a fine artist. I do it because I love it, not because I have to. I need a balance between my paintings so this media and others establish equilibrium. I am also building numerous furniture and home furnishing products for a monthly sale in Portland.


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