NSB’s Top 10 Ways The Internet Will Destroy Sneaker Culture

It is the end of 2008, usually I post a recap of what my thoughts on the previous year on the NSB, but I was given this opportunity to voice to another medium, Format. One thing in particular I can’t help but notice now is the lack of original content on any of these other sneaker sites. To me there will ever only be three forces in the whole arena that garnish any credibility. NSB, Niketalk, and ISS will always be the authority of info on the scene.

So without further adieu here is my list of the Top 10 ways the Internet will destroy the sneaker scene:

10. Stupid Domain Names
So you want to make a sneaker website, because there are currently none available on the internet. Here are some names that are currently taken via GoDaddy below. The good news is, these examples are domain names that make no sense.

NewKicksontheBlog – New Kids on the block suck ass, therefore anything resembling that name should die.

KicksonFire – Funny, when my dick is on fire it’s usually from the coked out whores I banged out last night on Craigslist.

Kicksaholic – Mixing the word kicks with a form of alcholism should be cool, the unfortunate part it looks like a banana with a chalkboard for school kids.

Bapetalk2 – right.

9. Lawsuits
If you’re not clever enough as the people from reason number #10, then you may have the balls or be stupid enough to actually use a corporations trademark in your domain (Bapetalk, Niketalk, NikeSB). Therefore your favorite sites are on the boundry of getting sued out of oblivion, destroyed, and eaten alive by these companies. Which then will cease to exist just like the galaxy getting fucked in a blackhole.

8. Corporate Echo
One of the best things about sites not getting bought out is they still have this independence from any conformity that follows a larger entity. While Complex seemed to engulf and buy a bunch of sites recently, be prepared to have more of Mark Ecko’s rhinoceros propaganda shoved down your throat. That or anyone’s ass they are kissing for publication (i.e. Kanye West), because you know magazines publications are still killing it.

7. Payless is the Poorman’s Footlocker
When Jeff Staple announced he would be making shoes for Payless, it was obviously for love. Or the fact for his Pigeon dunk he never saw a red dime from Nike is speculative. Secondly, ever since Airwalk was bought out the 86 series has never been the same. Their new home though and media coverage is just an example of influence overriding morals.

6. Copypasta
Every post on any site inevitably is a repost of a post. There really is not much to write here, other than Google something on any sneaker you are looking for and enjoy an assload of the same fucking thing from 20 different sites. Blogs and websites now fail, badly. These sites are essentially ‘bot’ sites but with humans doing all the leg work.

They have no insider information nor credibility, case in point- go to a sneaker show and see if any crew is there repping Sneakerfiles. Exactly.

5. Scammers
As more less than worth releases for sneaker collectors come out, the more in demand better older releases are. The problem is that the sneaker community is flooded either with rich kids parents who spoil them, or people who just don’t know how hire muscle to get their shit back. Google “dunkclusive scammer” aka Brian Fernadez and find how this dude still is scamming people for over $20,000 in sneakers.

4. Bigger Companies Get Smart
To any company that decides to sue any other site with their trademark – if you had half a brain being the authority you would simply just create your own network that people to attach to your brand. The reason sites like NSB work is due to the fact Nike never had an authoritative outlet where people who used the internet predominantly.

3. Flooded market
Every month there are new releases and new concepts or designs off sneakers. The main issue is with a new line it can only reach a pinnacle of success. What the Dunk was the pinnacle for the SB line, and now to even imagine collecting sneakers at this point is like trying to own the entire Star Wars collection. Useless.

2. Clothing 2.0
Unique style is something that a lot of people relate to. Long gone are the days where you went to a shop to purchase t-shirts from Billabong, Planet Earth, Stussy, etc.. Now everything is done online. With that there always spawns new clothing companies that come out with one or two shirts that are meme worthy before they realize they have to come up with new shit all the time. This is what I would say the Clothing 2.0 bust, few will survive. Many will ultimately fail and disappear into the dark.

1. You

If you have made it this far down the list then you sense only to be true that YOU are the reason the sneaker scene will fail. You most likely visit Hypebeast, read up on the latest dunks at NSB, troll FSF looking for girls. Yes, you are the reason ultimately these next few years will be of fail. You spend your time on the Internet rather than going outside and enjoy activities such as tennis or polo. Commenting on post of bright color sneakers rather than complementing the people on how nice of a human being they are. Thanks to you all of the reasons above are true. The only option, become an hero.

Jeremy Wilder
Jeremy Wilder is the guy who made NSB back in 2005 and his latest project Solerhythm in 2008. When he is not helping the homeless or donating hours of community service to help the greater of humanity. He is making stuff that is used online. Living most of his life on the east coast in Virginia Beach, he left to the pacific coast in late 2005.

Currently residing in Silicon Valley, his latest project and final endevor in to the sneaker community is Solerhythm. Solerhythm is an online marketplace for sneaker collectors to buy and sell from members with an established history online. Check us out at http://solerhythm.com


  1. Man Shat Up! Everybody got somethin to say. Yall get ya info by any means. WTF$#%& cares who was first with it. And the Sneaker Culture ain’t never gone die it will evolve like all things do. Collecting sneakers is wack, man rock them shits if you a beast like me. I will say this thogh buying 2 and 3 times above retail is the only thing that’s gone die.

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