MF Grimm – Life Sentences

MF Grimm - Life Sentences

Percy Carey a.k.a. GM Grimm is a man with a past. Whether it is climbing to the pinnacle of the rap game or waking from a coma to discover he is partially paralyzed, Grimm has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune like no other. Having released rap’s first triple CD, American Hunger, last year, the rap industry waits to see the next move of Grimm, who lives to challenge boundaries with his music.

Sentences: The Life Of MF Grimm is an unflinching account of Carey’s life. From his stint on Sesame Street as a child, on to his work with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, and the attempt on his life, Grimm shares it all – a cautionary tale. Sentences is a must read for comic book aficionados and hip-hop heads alike.

“You can be peaceful, but you don’t have to be a motherfucking punk.”

Format: How did Sentences come about?
Grimm: My editor, Casey Seijas thought it would be a great idea to write about
my life, and I took him up on it.

Format: What are your favorite books, comics or otherwise?
Grimm: Right now it’s Simon Dark, he’s a new character in Gotham City. He’s considered ‘Gotham’s Other Hero’ and he’s no joke. I would love to write for the series. Crossing Midnight by Mike Carey, The Re-Grifters by Mike Carey. Sinestro Corps is hot as well. Also Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series.

Format: What were your best memories from hanging with the Death Row cats? Are you still in touch with any of them?
Grimm: I learned that music is a lucrative business; no I haven’t spoken to anyone in years.

MF Grimm - Life Sentences

Format: Have you thought about a film of Sentences? If there was one who would you like to play you?
Grimm: No, haven’t thought that far in that realm of reality. I would do animation.

Format: Is there anything you still want to do as a rapper that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?
Grimm: Yes several different things, but what stands out the most is a children’s album I’m working on it right now, American Hunger: Baby Food.

Format: What sort of reactions have you had from the people you wrote about in Sentences?
Grimm: I don’t know, been moving to fast to find out.

Format: You recorded the Downfall Of Iblyis in 24 hours – how important was it to you to get all that out before you were incarcerated?
Grimm: Very important, that could’ve been my first and last album ever. I’m blessed to be here that’s why I keep making albums.

Format: How did you hook up with Ronald Wimberly?
Grimm: Casey Seijas.

MF Grimm - Life Sentences

Format: How important is it to you to be able to write a gangster record in the vein of “Gingerbread Man” and on the other had write joints like “The Way” and “Teach The Babies?”
Grimm: Very important. I think we must show children that there are other ways than violence and it shouldn’t be your first option, but in the same sense you must defend yourself. If you come across someone placing a noose or a swastika on your door you whip his motherfucking ass, teach him a lesson. You can be peaceful, but you don’t have to be a motherfucking punk.

Format: Do you feel like your rap game has changed since you became a Grand Master?
Grimm: Yes, I have way more to learn now.

Format: What should listeners expect from The Hunt From The Gingerbread Man?
Grimm: I don’t know what they should expect from The Hunt for the Gingerbread
, it’s me in a fantasy realm exercising my imagination without any interference from this so called reality. Krummz is an animation that I’m working on with Mr. Preston Holmes and my writing partner Naimah Holmes. It’s going to be great.

MF Grimm - Life Sentences

Format: While you’ve had your differences, in Sentences, your relationship with Doom seems to be one of the more enduring creative partnerships you’ve had and you speak quite fondly of him. In one panel there’s a milk carton with his picture on it. What was the reasoning behind that?
Grimm: Just asking to see my brother Daniel Dumile again not MF Doom, that’s all. It’s kind of payback for that GM Grimm’s fairy tale thing he did on MM…Food, but that old Doom is my brother. I love him I have no problems with him, I miss him.

Format: How did you come to start up Day By Day Entertainment? What’s the philosophy behind the label?
Grimm: Being unwanted by the majors made me create Day By Day. Everyday is a struggle and you must take it Day By Day. No one is promised tomorrow.

Format: How long did it take you come up with all the material for American Hunger?
Grimm: I can’t remember how long it took to write. A few months. I created 100 songs and I wanted them all on there and the people I was working with wanted to kill me for it, they put their foot down and said 60. Mr. Damon Patterson picked the 60 songs. The only thing I remember is the hard drives crashed and I had to do the entire album over in 11 days recording, mixing everything, no sleep at all. That was a crazy time.

Format: Finish the following sentence: Grimm is…
Grimm: The man.

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MF Grimm - Life Sentences

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  1. word! Grimm’s the Man. Copped his interview way bac ’04 durin’ that time he did the downfall of Ibylis within 24Hr on some website I think it wos very thoughtful indeed it changed my life… Gingerbread album wos dope! Haven’t heard the Mixtape so far.
    Do yo thin’ dawg?

  2. Dope Rimes, With words that have thought and meaning,
    Top Notch Production, Featuring good artist, Mf Grimm, a man who has been through a lot, Much Respect
    Much Love—Also “Captain Jizzum All Over Your Face Vol. One” Coming Soon

  3. Truly an inspirational human being for the youth of this generation!!!

    Check out “Sentences” if you haven’t done so already!

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