Created by Darren Di Lieto, the founder and editor of LCSV4, MAiLmeART is a collaborative project designed to make sure “everyone involved gets something out of [it.]” Submissions can be any type of package, provided they have some form of art on them, and they look like they have traveled through the mail – the site stresses this point, ensuring that even postal workers are included in the project. With over 200 submissions currently displayed on, the project is growing daily. Head on over and make a submission today!

“The artists are having a great time, but I’ve been getting some very odd looks from the mailman.”

Format: It says on your website that you were trying to think of a collaborative project that everyone involved gets something out of. How did you decide upon MAiLmeART specifically?
Darren: I needed to have something tangible from the artists and illustrators involved in order to be able to sell the product and make money for the artist. There were so many cool ideas, but they all involved mailing the object to me or getting sponsors involved from the outset. So naturally we decided to have the mail as the art, making everyone’s life that little bit easier.

Format: What are some of the responses you have received from the different parties involved in the project?
Darren: The artists are having a great time, but I’ve been getting some very odd looks from the mailman.

Format: What are some of the most creative interpretations of packaging you’ve seen?
Darren: This one Although some of the other submissions are insane.


Format: Who submits to MAiLmeART? What is the general profile?
Darren: Generally anyone with mark-making instruments, but predominantly artists, illustrators and general doodlers.

Format: Have you received anything interesting in the actual packages? If so, what?
Darren: I’ve not received anything too strange yet apart from a pair of earrings, although there are a couple that have put the words empty on the package and I’m sure there’s something inside. I did get a small gift from one Jim Bradshaw that I was deeply honored to receive.

Format: How do you select judges for the project?
Darren: At the moment I’ve be asking people that I’ve been interviewing for the LCS if they wouldn’t mind picking a winner for MAiLmeART for me. It’s a
simple and straight forward method.


Format: What criteria are considered when selecting a winner?
Darren: I leave it up to the judges.

Format: Please speak about the exhibition you have planned.
Darren: It’s going to be huge and I’m planning to sell as much of the mail art as possible for the highest price I can fetch for it, the only downside is I’ve not done any mail art myself that I can sell, since the mail art I’ve done has been sent to other artists, so I won’t be making much money from the actual exhibition as most of the money is going back to the original artists. The exhibition is going to be in London and I’ve got 3 Galleries and 4 spaces I’m going to have a look at next week :) Fun stuff. I don’t think my credit card can cope with the costs involved when we still don’t have a sponsor for the event, but if I have to sell my computer and run the project and the LCS from a cyber café, that’s just the way it’s going to have to be!

Format: What do you most enjoy about this project?
Darren: Getting up each morning to check the mail!

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