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Owned and operated by four friends from NYC, Kilo Goods, a subsiduary of Kilo International, debuted in 2006 with fresh bright colored designs, referencing Miami culture, specifically as it relates to the American Dream. Keeping it moving in 2007, Kilo is back with their Spring line, this time keeping their Southern pallete strong while branching out in design. With a strong following overseas, and a solid foundation in the US, Kilo has established themselves as one of the hottest up and coming brands in urban clothing – keep that Southern heat coming!


Format: What were some of the best fashion related moments Kilo Goods experienced throughout 2006, as they relate to the line, or otherwise?
Erik: Well it was the launch year for Kilo Goods, so finally seeing the gear on the streets was nice; seeing our other brand, Rocksmith, skyrocket in Tokyo and nationwide.

Kenshin: Having to ice my hand down from writing so many orders at Fosho Foshow.

LinYee: Anything involving buying dutches at 3AM and Andre Leon Talley.

Nate: When I realized that I liked purple, not just the haze.


Format: Your 2006 collection focused primarily on 80’s culture, specifically as it relates to Miami. In 2007 you’ve kept the Miami theme, although less explicitly, in the collection. Please speak about the influence Miami has had on you personally, and how that is reflected in the line.
Erik: Well, I grew up in Miami in the 80’s and early 90’s when it was just insane. I would say that I am a product of that environment. Ever seen Cocaine Cowboys? As far as how it influences my design, it’s more about the attitude of that era than direct references – the hustlers, the money, the cars, the colors and the parties. Extravagance is the mind state to say the least. It’s kind of an ongoing story of coming from nothing to reaching the top. Kenshin and LinYee are also from the south. We are all what I call third party southerners. We were the true minority being Latin and Asian kids growing up below the Mason Dixon. First generation Americans, our parents didn’t really know too much about being “American,” so we just forge our own ideas of what “American” is. The melting pot as they say, but we’ve all been in NYC now for a long time.


Format: Please take our readers through some of the pieces in the Spring 2007 collection.
Erik: I think that our cut-up hoodie sets the tone for the collection. With this piece we were really trying to raise the bar. Each panel is measured and pieced together as if it was a stained glass window. Not too many can duplicate this item so it will retain its uniqueness. The cut-up tee is meant to compliment the hoodie or stand alone. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s hoodie is an abstract rendition of Tiffany Diamond’s. It’s modern, clean but still heavy on the floss. The LT tee is a personal favorite. Lawrence Taylor was a beast, known not only for haunting quarterbacks but for also being a legend of the south beach party scene – the original Tony Yayo. The Ex-prez tee is based on the movie Pointbreak. I felt that the message in that movie was clear: American presidents as bank robbers. So symbolic and so true. The Memphis tee is the jump off; straight party gear.
Kenshin: Going into summer we’re bringing in the dip dye’s, straight craziness. Space Yacht’s! 2001: Space Odyssey meets a Tony Montana cocktail party.

Nate: With three breasted alien shorties.


Format: Will Miami continue to be an inspiration for future collections?
Erik: The collection is ongoing, Miami will always inspire the collection cuz its personal. We don’t change themes too often. Style, politics and past art movements play a role. The idea is, if you’re into the line, maybe something you bought in October still looks fresh with that tee in June. Fresh Ideas are not a problem, we got surplus.
Kenshin: We plan to keep this real “future.” Our design game is tight and consistent. We are a lifestyle company so we will expand the line to be a full collection with accessories. Furniture, private jets, etcetera; expect the unexpected.

Format: Most of your collection features bright colors, and is catered more towards the Spring and Summer seasons. Are you at all worried about making the transition to Winter lines because of this?
Kenshin: Hell nah, we ain’t scurred.

Erik: Nope. We may tone it down a little, but we’ve been designing for a minute, so we have a good feel for season. Plus with global warming it’s always Spring.


Format: Where did the idea for the 2007 video look book come from and what has the response been like?
Erik: We share an office in Brooklyn with Young Dapper of Dap Magazine/Lazlo. He’s really tight on the video end and me and him have great chemistry with video. I think we were sitting around smoking and were like, yo this is the future sun! The video was shot on our roof and edited in-house. The cut up technique was used to compliment the collection. The response has been great. 5000 views and a lot of good feedback. Be on the lookout for DAP, a DVD/iPod magazine as well as music videos by the Kilo Intl collective.

Kenshin: I had just got back from China that day and was like why is the gold cat on the roof.

Format: What is Kilo International?
Erik: Kilo International is the parent company; a full service Lifestyle brand development agency specializing in apparel, branding, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing. We have two house brands, Kilo Goods and Rocksmith. We are also co-founders of the Fosho Foshow tradeshow along with Lemar and Dauley. What Kilo “is” grows by the day. For example LinYee has quickly created a rep for throwing some of the best Events in NYC for The Fader, Hennessy, 10 Deep, etc.


Format: Please speak about the experience developing Fosho Foshow.
LinYee: Fosho Foshow has been amazing from day one. We started in a small room in the Mandalay Bay where Lemar and Dauley let us show clothes in their suite and within three seasons we took it to a 5000 sq. foot venue with DJ’s, liquor sponsors and many of the best brands in streetwear. A lot of brands collaborate on a tee, but we collaborated on a tradeshow. It’s been a pleasure to plan this with Lemar and Dauley. We brought a sense of community and a fresh change of pace to the tradeshow experience in Vegas. Look out for Fosho Foshow this August at the Alexis Park.

Format: Kilo International has a strong presence in Asia. How important has this been for the development of Kilo Goods?
Kenshin: I go back and fourth between NYC, Tokyo and Hong Kong every other month. We have developed great relationships in Asia with really talented people so it’s been really great. Asia is on the forefront! Plus my moms lives there.

Erik: I like when he brings the bootleg wallets.

LinYee: Asia is the motherland, plus we roll 1.3 billion deep.


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  1. This line is the BREAK OUT LINE SUMMER 2007. This shit is so fly we’re all taking the time machine back to the early `90s.

  2. no mean to hate, because I like how everybody freaks style a certain way, but you can’t deny that the miami and late 80’s early 90’s pop colors influence has been exhausted. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Execution and attention to detail is great- especially on the pseudo Members Only jackets but I think it would be better emphasized with a stronger style reference.

    I give these designers many decades of great work ahead of them, I give this brand 3 years max.

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