Kanye West Diaries

Ever wonder what Yeezy’s doing when he isn’t crashing the stage at award shows, calling out the President on live television, or bringing home Olympic Gold?

With blogger biting at an all-time high, and Ye’s recent transition from pencils to Pentiums, Format figured grabbing Kanye’s Diary wouldn’t be too difficult. All it took was the old LV-luggage-on-a-fishing-rod trick to lure him away and voila – that baby was ours.

Take a moment to peruse the innermost thoughts and daily schedule of the world’s biggest megalomaniac. Hopefully it’ll be more interesting than the sappy Dr. Phil bullshit that comprised his first book.


  1. If you’re going to bite OhWord, at least do a better job at it. Posts like this are why Format is already dying. Please do something to bring this site back to what it used to be. Change up the staff or soemthing.. Format’s stagnant nowadays.

  2. Thanks for your input Dan. If you have a moment, can you let us know how you feel the site is getting stagnant/what has changed for the worse? We are always looking to improve and would greatly appreciate more of your thoughts. Feel free to post here or e-mail editors@formatmag.com

  3. haha this is a good joke
    but you’re missing the page where kanye wrote about his big brother..
    “jay treated me like a bitch before ‘college dropout’*theclassic* but its all good.. he’s my big brother and im his little brother..”

  4. You guys stole this entire idea from an old fake Cameron rhyme book on ohword.com got that lots of press cuz of how funny it was. Shameless rip off

  5. How can you just link to Agent B’s Cam’ron Rhyme book and think that it makes it OK to jack his idea and art style.

    I don’t know why you’d even link to his art from this site? You’re basically calling yourselves out aren’t you?

    Not dissing your whole site, but this piece right here? Its wack

  6. Bladesofsteel89 says:

    WOW I remember that OHWord.com fake Cameron notebook. They even talked about it on Hot-97 in NYC the night it was posted over a year ago. Do you guys just surf the web and jack clever ideas, make them a lot less funny and post them as new? I was once a reader of this site.

  7. aloxtheteacher says:

    quit hoggin the mic kanya im 3069 years old i have been waiting to sing (blue birds dont cry )at your next show i been waiting 1432 years it took me 1000 to reherse it word up………..pokadot door memberdat

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