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2009 has thus far been a big year for Juelz Santana. With the subsequent release of his brand new album, Born to Lose, Built to Win set to drop later this year, the buzz for Juelz Santana is beginning to build. Coming off of a soured record deal, Santana is ready to make a splash and this time around, his new crew, the Skull Gang accompanies him. With a new album about drop, and a new team ready to grind, Santana has the world at his feet. Some might crumble under pressure but Juelz is excited. The self proclaimed Human Crack in the Flesh certainly sounds like he’s built to win.

“Well the thing with Weezy is just a whole bunch of politics so that’s just a whole other situation keeping that held up, but that album’s done, it’s ready to go.”

Format: So you got your Born to Lose, Built to Win album coming out this year, when can we expect that in stores?
Juelz Santana: Well that’s just that classic, that magnificence, that grind you know. It should out sometime around September.

Format: How far along are you with the album?
Juelz Santana: Well you see with me, I’m working to the last minute so it don’t matter anyway, I’m grindin’ you know.

Format: What can fans expect from this project in comparison to your last two solo albums?
Juelz Santana: Just that growth. That progress.

Format: What is the status of your collaboration with Lil Wayne, the I Can’t Feel My Face album?
Juelz Santana: Well the thing with Weezy is just a whole bunch of politics so that’s just a whole other situation keeping that held up, but that album’s done, it’s ready to go.

Format: Do you think things could have turned out differently with the whole Cam’ron, Dipset situation?
Juelz Santana: No, not really. That’s just the way it is. It was a business situation, so I ain’t got anything against anybody.

Format: Tell us more about the whole Skull Gang movement. Where are you trying to go with that?
Juelz Santana: That’s just that grind you know, with me and my boys, so I just wanted to create my own thing aside from the diplomats.


Format: So which artists are on Skull Gang Records?
Juelz Santana: Oh man, we got Unkasa, Richmond Rabb, Starr, John Depp, Deniro and Riq Rose so it’s looking real nice. I’m just excited.

Format: You also have a clothing line in development, tell us how Royelz came about?
Juelz Santana: Fly, that’s just what that is. I always wanted my own clothing line, I mean, everybody wants their own clothing line so that’s how it went down.

Format: What mixtapes do you have coming out in the near future?
Juelz Santana: Ok, well let me just lay it all out for you. I got my mixtape, Regan Era along with the DVD, then you got another Skull Gang mixtape coming out. Then we going to hit them with the Skull Gang album, and then after that it’s my album. So I’m just excited right now. I can’t wait.

Format: Any other projects, tours, collaborations, mixtapes we haven’t talked about coming soon?
Juelz Santana: Nah, just stay tuned and make sure you cop my album later this year. Cop the mixtape and look out for Skull Gang this year — you already know.

More Info: www.juelz.com / www.myspace.com/juelzsantana


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