Format Custom Sneaker Collection

When Format first put out a call for submissions to the 2008 custom sneaker collection a lot was expected, however nobody imagined the response would be so incredible. From across the globe, artists bombed our office email with the some of the freshest sneaker customization to date; we’ve been through countless rounds of ‘rock paper scissors’ and finally a decision has been made.

So here, in no particular order is the Format custom sneaker collection – enjoy!

I get requests for these on a daily basis. I made 10 pairs sizes 8.5 -10 and listed them on ebay and they sold out in a few days. They represent the South Korean city of Seoul, hence the name I Got Seoul. On the front and heel panels is the Seoul subway system – you could actually use them to find your way around the city if needed. I was inspired by my time spent living in Korea, I’m in the army and I was stationed there for 2yrs. For more artist info

The design on these shoes is stylized barbed wire. Most of my works are inspired by things around me, and this pair is no exception. For more artist info

This shoe is reminiscent of the Samurai who wore kimonos with many different patterns under their armor. The Lace Guards are spin-offs of the armor padding that one would find on their shoulders, thighs, or helmets called O’yoroi. For more artist info

On these I cut out the tongue and put in a new one with ostrich on the top and satin on the inside. It’s based on the Jordan 3 because I love cement print. For more artist info

These are Air Force Ones with Dunk soles and real stingray and snake skin. They’re impressive and fully wearable. For more artist info

Their inspiration comes from my favorite hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. I was looking at the Midnight Marauder CD and it hit me; the album art of the figure was perfect. So I grabbed the most old school sneaker I could think of and started working. For more artist info

These were based on Kanye West’s Graduation album artwork. I wanted to focus on the bear and the shades Kanye wore in the Stronger video since both were synonymous with the album and the buzz surrounding it. These are definitely my favorites thus far. For more artist info

I came up with the design in ’06, it wasn’t until ’08 
that I finally got the chance to make it happen. For more artist info

These are my light up dunks, an expansion on an earlier theme. I hand sewed illuminating wire around the swoosh then ran all the wires and the battery power source behind the tongue of the shoe with easy access snaps for battery exchange (two AA batteries). I wanted them to appear stock until they light up. The lights can be set to solid or strobe activated by a switch hidden behind the tongue. I also put tennis ball fabric on the interior and in the sole. For more artist info

These are my latest customs after wanting to recycle all of my summons and violation tickets from the past two years. In the midpanel I’ve placed a ticket behind a clear vinyl panel and placed stencil style figures of an authority figure beating down a victim along with hands behind bars in the toe box. For more artist info

These were Part II to the original Rainbow Glass that featured the rainbow bottom Air Force 1 base. When I first saw this base, I knew a lot could be done with it. One of the first things off the bat was the feeling of the missing swoosh. I added the swoosh and some Rainbow Glass flavor to get these. For me artist info

These were done for graffiti writers everywhere. Although my style and approach are not at all the same as graffiti artists, they are my main inspiration. These were done in a special way unlike any of my other customs. I specifically took off the iconic Nike swoosh so that I could open up some extra needed area for my piece. I also tried to create movement on the shoe with the can actually spraying to the toe panel of the shoe. For more artist info

I created these shoes for Larry Zekhtser (one of the current Admins of the Facebook Nike Dunk SB Group). He wanted some shoes designed after his favorite drink. After wearing his shoes to the bar, he got free shots from the bartender because he liked Larry’s shoes so much. For more artist info

This shoe was done as a cross promotion for State Authentic’s new Cincinnati 513 sneaker line and SweatShop Clothing. The shoe line is launching locally in Cincinnati with 2000 pairs in 4 colorways, and SweatShop clothing is looking to be the official go-to customizer for the new budding company. This shoe was done by embossing gator print, adding a space age chameleon gator material to the toebox, under the logo and the insole, and tying them together with chameleon painted accents on the heel and grommet holes. For more artist info

These were designed for BrawnZ, part organizer of the Houston Sneaker Summits. They were inspired by controlled atomic explosion, with the freedom of the undisciplined aftermath of destruction. Could you imagine; one of the most harmful things with a tranquil graceful side… For more artist info

By day, the OctoGlows could be mistaken for just another pair of classic white Adidas sneakers. But once the lights go out, a glowing octopus surfaces, as if from the depths of a dark ocean. Its brilliant blue arms meander across the surface of the shoe, seemingly with no end. Prepare to get noticed when you take these octopi out for a night on the town. For more artist info

This is a custom Air Force One. The design may be simple but there is a lot of detail that went into this shoe from the red stitching to the subtle touches of red spread through out the shoe. It’s all painted by hand. For more artist info

Features custom PARIS lace locks and metal lace tips. Also they come with hot pink SB laces to match. For more artist info

This pair of customs kicks was originally inspired by the Jordan Aqua 8. I put a little spin on them by incorporating the essence of the ocean itself in the color and fluidity of the design.

I call these the Triggerfish. These were based off of the species of fish known as the triggerfish. These have been bootlegged also. For more artist info

The base shoes for these are the White/Red island pack AF1s. They feature a custom-made tongue and side panel, with reptile skin. The counter side of the pair features a green/blue colorway, opposite the yellow/orange pattern seen. Machine stitched. For more artist info

These are a “remix” of a classic from my site. The OG version was quite simply called the “Hypno Blues” pulling grahics from the liquor company’s site. Since my recent collaboration with 1800 Tequila I thought it very befitting to remix my “alcohol” section of my site with “shots of 1800 Select Silver”. So I found a great fabric that best represented “Select Silver” and whipped up these updated classics, yielding what will probably be one of my hotter customs. For more artist info…


  1. Sheeeit

    Some good shoes here, haven’t looked up this many customs since I got kicked offa snkr frkr for bein’ a jerk.

    Man, I’ve seen so many Kanye customs…haha….

    The watermelon customs are funny, I came up with the same idea a while back but decided that it was dumb. But they look damn good. I lose on that.

    Lotta good detail in these. FTW on the upside down swoosh. Mmmm, I really want them Caps.

    I needa get back into the game.

  2. How do I get to a featured artist or show my artwork on here? i’m a shoe designer and would love for everyone to see! Please take a look at my website!

  3. could you send me email addresses where i could get some shoes like the select silvers with an upside down swoosh? they look weird but cool!

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