David Gensler’s 2007 Wrap Up


Best print media:
I am a huge fan of printed media. Magazines are my favorite and there is no way to narrow it down to one or two. Hailing from New York, I think Theme is still progressing with each issue.

Monocle magazine is new but has redefined what a modern design magazine is capable of covering. I have recently been turned onto Xfun from Taipei, a beautiful design based magazine with great printing and finely curated content. Another great design driven publication is Staf magazine from Malaga, Spain. I like to make sure I look outside fashion and design. I have always been a National Geographic fan since I was five-years-old, but my new love is Seed and one of my hands down favorite pieces of print is German based Streetwear Today. If you have not picked up a copy of Monitor, do yourself a favor and grab one soon.

Best book publisher: Hong Kong Based, Victonary.

Best art book: Powerhouse Books UFC Octagon.
This is not your average book. This is a tribute to mixed martial arts colliding with pure design – a massive testament to the power of the UFC and the vision of Dana White. You need to see a copy in person to truly appreciate it.

Best online media: NOTCOT.
My hands down daily addiction and one of the best designed sites in the market. Jean and her team have reinvented how we find, share and consume the latest trends, gadgets and even gourmet food. Diverse, and relevant.

Best independent fashion and style site: Jason Campbell’s JC Report.
I have never met anyone more traveled than Jason. This is not just another site filled with fashion snap shots – the content is specific, the cream truly does rise. This is going to be a great year for the JC Report.

Best new creative community: Behance.
If you don’t know you need to know. If you are not already a member, shame on you.

Best Green Brand: NAU
I am not a big fan of brands that use green positioning and then only show a few products that contain sustainable fabrics and some witty tag line about saving the world. Enter NAU, a truly modern business model that is inspiring on all fronts. Their designs will stand toe to toe with anything dropping daily on the hype sites. This is the future, everyone needs to get used to it now.

Best new brands:
This year I have been most inspired by brands that have a deep narrative, not just flashy imagery and hot parties.
Poets and Thieves
Sruli Recht
Young Meagher

Best NYC brands:
Yoko Devereaux
Victor Osborne
Proof Seven

Best technology:
Fuck technology. I prefer pencils and handshakes.

Best footwear brands:
The footwear industry is so boring right now I simply quit paying attention. There are however a few great examples of people doing something note worthy…

The Generic Man

Best artists and designers:
Si Scott
Portia Wells
Nigel Dennis

Best Motion Graphics: Laundry

Best Typography: Aerosyn Lex

Best Digital Artist: Justin Maller

Best Photographers:
Lynnette Astaire
Phil Knott

Most under rated brand: Subscript

Best Menswear Designer: Christopher Bevans


President of the KDU, publisher of the The Royal Magazine and founder of SVSV, designer and brand strategist, David Gensler, is considered to be one of the top youth strategists in the world, today.

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