CBD’s Top 10 Blogs and Magazines of 2008

10. You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice
Out of the thousands of random websites I’ve come across in my life, very few stick with me as long as ‘You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice.’ Greeting you with an opening montage of excuses for faking the funk, this site brings attention to people who have deliberately copied other’s artwork

More Info: http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com

9. Frank 151 Book
Ever since I can remember the Frank 151 Books have graced the counters of every store from Atmos to Blue&Cream. Taking the whole street-culture world and neatly fitting it into a pocket-sized bible of sorts is certainly not an easy thing to do. And with full illustrations, ads from all your favorite brands, and interviews to book, the Frank Books continue to live strong in 2008.

More Info: http://www.frank151.com

8. The Sartorialist
This blog, run by former director of men’s fashion at Bergdorf, Scott Schuman, is updated daily with wonderful images of people found on the street clad in attire that adheres to Schuman’s tough standard of sartorial excellence. Aside from being fun to look at, I like The Sartorialist because it is a constant reminder to me that high-fashion still lives, and that there are people out there who really understand and treat fashion as an art.

More Info: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com

7. Fader Magazine
Fader brings its readers a well thought out variety of fashion, photography, music and art. This has been my go to magazine for three years strong. I know it’s corny but I actually collect the magazine. So what!

More Info: http://www.thefader.com

6. Yimmys Yayo Inc.
Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it, and I’m assuming most of you haven’t yet. No words, just pictures, updated daily with “visual crack for the ocular fiend”. From hot naked Asian chicks, to tattooed pigs, to old movie posters, and everything in between – Yimmy’s Yayo is definitely a good place to start your day in 2008.

More Info: http://yimmyayo.tumblr.com

5. Stop Smiling
I happened to come across Stop Smiling about a year or so ago on my monthly book/magazine purchase. It’s not swamped with ads or the same old actor/rapper/celebrity interview to grace the cover of 99% of the rest. It’s going into its 38th issue and hasn’t compromised a thing.

More Info: http://www.stopsmilingonline.com

4. Cyana TrendLand
When I met Jason Berton back in the fall, I assumed his “blog” that he told me about was just like the rest of ours. Random, quirky bits of our lives, disorganized for extra reading pleasure. I was wrong. Cyana TrendLand is one of the most comprehensive, extensive and informative sites out. From fashion to architecture to photography, TrendLand will set you straight.

More Info: http://www.cyanatrandland.com

3. Format Mag
In my opinion, the drawback of most “lifestyle” brands/companies is that each category gets compromised due to the fact that they’re trying to do everything. However, despite the norm, Format Mag seems to have found a way to actually write about everything that matters and do it well. From hip-hop to fashion to art to toys, this is a one-stop-shop for your reading enjoyment.

2. Future Claw
Quality over quantity is a proverb that is clearly understood by the good people over at Future Claw. Fairly new to the magazine industry (started in 2007), Future Claw is a quarterly, large format (12”x15”) art/fashion/culture magazine based in Burlington, VT that will keep your eyes busy for hours on end. I guess VT is catching up to the rest of the country after all.

More Info: http://www.futureclaw.com

1. Inquiring Mind
There is something to be said about an online magazine that aesthetically looks iller than 95% of the clothing brands out today. Back about a year and a half ago when I first discovered Inquiring Mind, it actually inspired me to handle all the little details of my brand with the utmost care and consideration. From their seasonal ‘Buyers Bible’ to their extensive features, rich with pictures and easy to navigate formats, Inquiring Mind is by far and away my favorite magazine of 2008.

More Info: http://www.inqmnd.ca

Create Build Destroy
Create Build Destroy is a brand founded on creative progress. To achieve creative progress, one must be able to destroy the framework previously built upon, in order to allow room for new creations. In our every deliberation – from music, to art, to clothing – we strive to constantly push our own limitations and conceptions, as well as to provide the public with exciting, innovative products. Create Build Destroy is run out of New York & Vermont by Jesse Zorski (creative director/designer), Jordan Boyea (brand manager/PR) and Alex Hollender (founder/operations manager).


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