Carhartt x Goodhood launch

Last Tuesday Carhartt introduced its heritage collection inside the Goodhood store in Hoxton. The streets were bustling with Carhartt fans, looking to catch a glimpse of the heritage collection within the store, and to witness the exhibition within the Goodhood gallery space across the road.

While the term “heritage” is often associated with a static connotation, this common misconception was replaced with a forward thinking approach to workwear from Cahartt. This was largely evident by the installation Carhartt put on across the road at the Goodhood Gallery, featuring selected archive pieces. Not only were some of these pieces are over a 100 years old, but the exhibition was a retrospective of the last 122 years of a brand, dedicated to a mission of providing ‘Best in Class’ apparel for the active worker.

Carhartt on Twitter (@carharttWIP_UK)
Goodhood on Twitter (@goodhoodstore)

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