Buckshot came into the game hard in 1992 as Buckshot Shorty, part of the trio Black Moon. Then he did what most could not — he stayed. Now Buckshot does it all. He’s one of the hardest working MCs in the game, dropping solo albums, leading his crew the Boot Camp Clik and running Duck Down Records, one of the strongest independent labels in the hip-hop game with his business partner Dru-ha. He’s got a book in the works and apparently some new sneakers that are about to flip the game on its head. 2009 is a big year for the dude; see if you can keep up.

“I’m on some regular sneaker shit, but when it comes to like my exclusive collection, that’s like my jewelry.”

Format: It says on your website, ‘Buckshot is the very definition of grinding.’ What’s on your plate these days? What projects are you working on?
Buckshot: Listen man, every day all day man. I just put it down. I’m in my wrestling mode right now brother. I run one of the hardest working independent labels, and I’m one of the hardest working artists. I sit back and I see the game has changed so much and there are so many things that happened and I really just feel like, you know, I want to turn the juice up.

A lot of labels and a lot of artists don’t support it nowadays. The labels in the industry are being crushed like a box of cornflakes with a big foot on top and slowly but surely, they’re gonna see themselves going down because they the flakes on the bottom. When there is flakes on the top like Buckshot and a whole bunch of people that know that thee crushing is coming down, brother. There is five artists, and all you hear is them all day;. their records, their albums, all day.

I’m on the grind; I’m going to Europe real soon. I’m really just going hard for 2009. I got a mind frame like ‘2009, the world is mine.’ When I first started out 2008, I said ‘2008, everything’s great, I have a master plan, while they masturbate.’ We changed the 2008. I signed KRS-ONE, Cypress Hill, Kidz in the Hall. We signed so many different artists and so many different things. I got artists that haven’t been brought to the table yet.

Format: Let’s take it back to Buckshot; you’ve been in the game since before ’92. You’ve worked with everybody, including the late 2Pac. Who was your favorite to work with?
Buckshot: KRS-ONE. He’s a real hard worker. He’s got a lot of good stuff coming. We have an album coming out 2009. It’s gonna be called Confrontation.

Format: So tell me about your sneaker game.
Buckshot: I tell people, ‘Listen, I buy regular sneakers.’ I’m on some regular sneaker shit, but when it comes to my exclusive collection; that’s like my jewelry, you know. I don’t bring that to the forefront because if [you saw them], y’all would be like Damn! I feel like I’m embarrassed because they don’t have what I have. I get clothes and sneakers from Japan, you know. People in New York can’t hang with me. I get my shit from other countries. I don’t be worried about that.

Me and Ruck (of Heltah Skeltah aka Sean Price) are so surgical with this shit when it comes to sneakers, it’s like I hide my shit. I got Gucci sneakers, Nike sneakers. I got Prada sneakers that people never seen and never will see because they don’t make them. When it comes to sneakers, I’ll say it like this; in 2009 if you think your sneaker game is up to par, come see me. If you want to challenge me as far as that, come see me and I’ll pull it out. Other than that, I’m not gonna back that out. I’m not gonna show the world that me and Ruck is one of the illest.

Format: So you like Nikes, any particular favorites?
Buckshot: Me, personally, much love to the Dunks of the world. I love them. But I’ll challenge any Dunker any day to an A1 Fight. We always get into these arguments all the time on the street, and I’m like, yo it’s funny that I’m doing the interview, because you can hear the passion in me, because I be wishing that I can get this out. You may be a Dunk dude; I’m not disrespecting no Dunk dudes. I’m not. I’m just telling you that nobody can hang with A1 and that’s just my personal thing. You may go out there and say, ‘Yo, Buckshot said all ya’ll Dunk dudes can’t hang with them A1 dudes,’ you feel me? You can’t get artwork like ours, your bottoms is flat. Y’all do your thing, but when it comes to Air Force Ones, we get it in!

Format: A lot of companies are approaching hip-hop artists to get them more involved in the sneaker game with collaborations and such. Do you have any interest or have you been approached with any interest in clothing or sneaker design?
Buckshot: Yes, I actually do. I’m working on something that’s gonna blow the public away. I’m not really working with any of the sneaker companies like that but I did design my own sneaker and I do have it coming out through a company. I have the only material in the world… I’m not even gonna reveal it yet. I got the only leather in the world that can do something specific and it’s because of a chemical that we have. I got some stuff coming out..

Format: You came out early with the ‘backpacker’ style in your Black Moon days. What’s it like to see it becoming so popular?
Buckshot: Big up to all the kids out there, I do wanna say this. I wanna big up all my backpackers because y’all stuck by me since day one. I came out with the backpack thing in like 1992 with ‘who got the props’ and I use to tell people to wear the knapsack. It’s funny how a lot of my own people in the hood didn’t support it, but people outside of my hood supported it. So, I created a bookbag and I got another bookbag coming also. I wanna thank all of the backpackers that support my shows and stuff like that. 2009 the world is ours! Peace out.

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  1. aloxtheteacher says:

    boot camp kills heads when i listen to buckshot i get killed then reincarnated ………one love art is god bcc is one of the illest keep killing us with the real s**t…………peace god

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