Wollyhooooood… Wollyhood Swingers. At least that’s what owner and creative director, Dillon James McKnight would like to think. Sold at Karmaloop Kazbah, Up Against The Wall, YRB, Antique Orange and a few other upstarts, Wollyhood is a young brand. Just as Mario pops his oversize head against the red money brick yearning for some cheddar, McKnight has banged his head against a few ideas and has come up with an anagram that appeals to young consumers. With no interest in actually fulfilling his namesake as a New Kids On the Block member, this young designer may still be destined for some sort of stardom.

“I can’t wait! I’m planning on releasing the first cut & sew piece early 2009!”

Format: Please tell us who you are and explain your role at Wollyhood.
Dillon: Hello, I am Dillon James McKnight, Owner and Creative Director of WollyHood!

Format: Can you give us some history on the brand?
Dillon: Well, I started my first brand in 2002, where I was CEO/Co-Creative Director! We did mainly major retailer stores like Nordstrom’s, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, etc. It was really cool to go from selling T-shirts out of my car to selling to these stores, but I didn’t own or wear any of our shirts and really wanted to do something that I was pumped on. After being with the company for 5 years I decided to leave to start over! So in 2007 WollyHood was born and is now a 2-year-old baby brand that loves titties and having fun!

Format: How did you come up with your brand name?
Dillon: At the time, in 2007, I was living in Hollywood and had just started the brand up and needed a name. I moved some letters around and made some calls and the rest is history. To be honest, I really just like the way it sounded! I think its cool!

Format: You are a t-shirt brand at this time. What makes you stand a part from all the others?
Dillon: As of right now we are just T-shirts. Minus a few hoodies I did for some friends. As far as standing apart, almost all of our graphics are hand illustrated using Sharpie pens, and some of the new stuff was hand painted using a fine brush and ink. I think that’s pretty cool! At the end of the day we are all putting art out there and that’s rad!

Format: Will you ever move into cut & sew?
Dillon: I can’t wait! I’m planning on releasing the first cut & sew piece early 2009!
As doors open so will our product range!

Format: Tell us about the Game Ova tee.
Dillon: A good buddy of mine from Boston would always say ‘Game Ova’, when really he was saying Game Over, but his Bostonness silenced the “R” or turned it to an “A” or some shit! Anyways, it was just one of those things that stuck and we would say Game Ova any time we would see something awesome or something cool would happen! So I decided to use it for a shirt!

Format: What’s the best video game ever created?
Dillon: I remember going to work with my mom over the summer when I was like seven and right next door to her work was a skate shop where they had an arcade 720 game! I spent hundreds of quarters on that machine skating around town picking up enough cash to ride one of the skate parks and escaping from killer bees! It ruled! Skate or Die!

Format: ‘Do Fun Shit’. Please elaborate.
Dillon: It pretty much speaks for itself! Fun Shit is Fun to Do! DO FUN SHIT!

Format: If you could create your own video game, what would it look like?
Dillon: Like a T-shirt graphic!

Format: What other video game graphics can we expect from Wollyhood in your next season?
Dillon: Probably zero, unless we collaborate with Atari on a 720 Tee!!

Format: What does the future hold for Wollyhood?
Dillon: Growth! I’m really excited about what’s to come with the company! It’s been so much fun so far! I’m really looking forward to doing all the other stuff besides T-shirts! Oh and a website! We will be launching our website the first week of November! After almost 2 years! Check us out to see everything that we are doing!!

More Info: http://www.wollyhoodclothing.com/

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