Video: LRG ‘Lettting the Kids Play’

LRG has just released a great little skate video titled ‘Letting the Kids Play’. The video is a great call to letting kids be kids & the impact that allowing youth to pursue their passions can have as they come into adulthood. Of course, as always the LRG threads in the video look great. Check it out below.

Starring Elan Watson, Karl Watson, Alex Brenes, Chico Brenes
Directed and Filmed by Daniel Duarte and Kyle Camarillo
Edited by Daniel Duarte
Motion Graphics by Patrick Lawler

Erik R. Adler

Erik R. Adler

Editorial Director
Erik Adler is the Editorial Director for GroundWave Media Group. He's what you might call 'Man Pretty'
Erik R. Adler
Erik R. Adler

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