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You might not have to try-out for a spot on a roster to get some of this stylish winter wear, but you’ll probably have to do some hunting and pay top dollar to acquire one of these pieces.

In the winter of 2006-2007, varsity jackets are the new heat. Almost every label put out their version of the nostalgic high-school team outerwear. Varsity jackets are a big way of repping a label you really like. Logos on t-shirts aren’t enough anymore, and the big patches and embroideries on a varsity coat definitely shows you’re down with a specific label. Style aside, the varsity jacket is a great option for keeping warm during the cold weather months. Check out these pieces by some of the best labels out today.

Undefeated Varsity Pack


When it comes to infusing sports culture into fashion products, Undefeated is at the top amongst streetwear brands. Carefully handcrafted in San Francisco with the highest quality materials available, this UNDFTD Varsity Jacket was probably 2006’s best. The fine attention to detail is evident throughout the different versions of the logo patch. What’s great about the jacket also is that it was released as a Varsity pack. A matching New Era hat was produced to accompany the release of the jacket, making both items must haves for any die-hard UNDFTD fan.

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Devilock 10th Anniversary Varsity Jacket


For their 10th Anniversary, Japanese label Devilock recently produced a new varsity jacket in a black and yellow colorway. Known as a brand that caters to the punk lifestyle, Devilock shifted gears a bit to bring out a product that showcased their brighter side. For the large patch design on the back, the color yellow was primarily used to exude the celebratory message. The fist and thunder graphic also signified Devilock’s staying power as one of Japan’s best labels. Up front, the patchwork of “DX” is clearly visible, marking Devilock’s 10 years of existence.

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HUF Tenderloin Varsity Jacket


San Francisco label Huf used an interpretation of the Tenderloin neighborhood as the theme for this varsity jacket. The Tenderloin is considered to be one of San Francisco’s most crime ridden districts. Huf designed patches of things you’d normally find in the Tenderloin, including stiletto heels for the hookers, knives for the crime, and a 40 ounce bottle for the drunks. The front of the jacket also reads, “The Tenderloin, home to the crackheads and junkies of San Francisco, California. If the Tenderloin is your kind of neighborhood, this jacket is perfect for you.

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  1. I can see alot of cornballs wearing these jacket, I hope they stay as limited as possible. They still fly though.

  2. the HUF tenderloin is sick as fuck, but its almost “too sick” naaah mean? like, you better be ready to throw down if you’re rockin this, but I guarantee 99% of those who’ve purchased it are douches.

  3. shit is too futuristic for our consumer lifestyle, give our cities some time to crumble once the Chinese take all our money and then we’ll be ready to accept the modern vision of stylish gangbanging

  4. yo i got this jacket, its my good luck charm. i got shot in the head AND HAD THISCOAT ON by some bitch haters and am stilln alive and well. go huf and the tenderlion players GET MONEY MIKE the kid

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