Stussy Spring/Summer 2014 Sunglasses


Just in time before the scorching days arrive, Stussy wants to be all set for Spring/Summer 2014 with their new gorgeous collection of sunglasses. If you are into accessories and want to upgrade your eyewear collection, better check out these babies from Stussy. The new collection includes a mix of retro and classic styles that come in a variety of finishes and colors.





If you are into retro-styled eyewear, the 1920s-inspired “Luca” frame should be your pick, which is available in black and tortoiseshell designs. The “Louie” frame comes available in five different colorways while the classic looking “Santana” frame is available in classic tortoiseshell and half-black/half-tortoiseshell design.


Frankie Calcana

Frankie Calcana

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Frankie Calcana
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