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Whether you’re a seasoned rider or it’s your first time on the mountain, it can be quite a mission looking for the perfect snowboard jacket. One way to look at finding a jacket that’s a good fit for you is to know the kind of rider you are. It’s simple really, the more you progress on the slopes, the more you’re style of riding changes.

If you’re the type who’s constantly on the slopes, you’ll probably need a jacket that’s great when it comes to battling wear and tear. Long lasting reliable fabrics and waterproof material should be on top of your list if quality for the long run is your concern. Maybe you’re the flashy type of rider. If you are, keep in mind colorful prints, more technical features, and futuristic-type components. For the style conscious snowboarder, things like classic patterns, stylish colors, and different materials are some things to consider. Not every rider is the same of course, and these are just a few examples of the types of things out there to consider when buying a jacket.

686 X Vestal

The “Times Line” is 686’s special limited edition collaborative project with different premium labels out on the market. As part of their newest series, 686 linked up with Vestal to create this jacket for the rider with the rocker mentality. It contains a ton of cool features that include quick draw hood bungee pulls, rocker style belt loops, genuine leather trimmings and accents, and a whole lot more. A custom-designed watch that fits into a special pocket also comes with the jacket. The 686 X Vestal is great if you’re looking to release the thrasher in you on the mountain.


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Burton – White Collection – Jacket of the Gods

As part of Burton’s White Collection, the Jacket of the Gods is perfect for the rider whose riding style can be described as both high and mighty. Designed with a classic “godly” look, the jacket features printed satin lining, thermacore insulation, a fulltime contour hood, and more. The double breasted button closure also gives the Jacket of the Gods that classic Pea Coat/Militant look. Call it false idolatry, but you could be worshiped the next time you hit the powder with this thing on.


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Bonfire – Utility Jacket

Bonfire’s Utility Jacket is a good fit for the no frills type of rider who’s strictly business on the slopes – no flash, no nonsense. Able to withstand any outdoor condition, the Utility Jacket features twin-tec fiber material, critically taped seams, waffle fleece lining, and more. The jacket is also a slimmer fit, but comfortable and breathable enough for all types of weather situations. Because of its great attention to detail in terms of battling harsh environments, Bonfire’s Utility Jacket is one piece of snowboarding outerwear that should last you for a very long time.


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