One of the founding fathers of the streetwear scene in The Netherlands, Patta holds some of the most sought after streetwear brands in the world. Surinamese slang for shoes or kicks, Patta is the go-to guy in Amsterdam for the latest in dope footwear. Producing collabos with Penfield, Adidas, LA Gear, Rockwell, Alife, and Nike to name a few, this one-location shop is trying to stay focused on the right things for 2009.

“I guess Nike uses [us] to educate customers on history and more important on what’s coming for the future.”

Format: Please state who you are and your role at Patta.
Gee: My name is Guillaume “Gee” Schmidt I’m co-owner of Patta. We do a lot together but you could say my main job is marketing, communication, and some design.

Format: How did you two link up? Please give us some history on your partnership.
Gee: Edson worked in Fatbeats and was/is a pretty well known DJ in Amsterdam where he is born and raised. I come from Hertogenbosch, which is in the south of Netherlands. When I came to Amsterdam through mutual friend Wix I started working in Fatbeats too. From this we became friends. Edson is one of my best friends.

Format: Who else is a part of the team at the shop?
Gee: You got Tim, Edson’s brother who is store manager. Him and Edson are the heart of Patta. Then you have Max who is from Italy and investor/co-owner in Patta. He is responsible for all of the back office and does all the parallel import sneakerwise. He has a lot of sneaker knowledge. Walid and Gary are doing distribution and have been working in the shop from the start. Coco and Eke are the girls in the fam they work in the store and are taking care we represent the girls in the right way.

Then you got “lil” Vic super talented DJ and a longtime friend of us. Also works in the store does a lot of the music related stuff. Masta Lee is our web presence takes care of Internet and webshop/blog is always involved in our designs/collabs too, Danny is our NR store guy and seller and he is learning Japanese! Last but not least you got Luc and Jazz from interns to steady personel. Luc is head of inventory and Jazz, yeah Jazz is just Jazz.

Next to that we have a lot of extended fam. The whole Ben-G skate movement. Then you got Parra of course. Vinz does a lot of graphic work for us. Momanage for production, Wix and Tom Trago making sure we got the musical backing. The family is big and strong. Ultimately everything we do is a team effort.

Format: How has Patta evolved since its launch in 2004?
Gee: We started out as a store who wanted to be more then a store. We wanted to transcend all of our tastes ffrom music to fashion to art. There’s still a lot to be done, but we are getting there. Fo sho!

Format: Patta has released collabos with Rockwell, Trainerspotter, Nike, Adidas and Asics. Which collabo product was your all-time favorite and why?
Gee: Favorite’s are Asics cause it’s the first one and Rockwell cause that’s Parra and Alecto and that’s the best and on top of that fam.

Format: How does the Dutch streetwear scene differ from other streetwear scenes around the world?
Gee: I think it’s very concentrated and big for such a small country. We have 26 streetwear or streetwear related stores. That’s a lot for the size of our country.

Format: How do you guys stay up on your brands and products?
Gee: A lot of checking. It evolves with your taste though if you in to something certain brands are closer to your taste. A couple of brands we into? Rockwell, Off Bowery, Huf, Ransom, Rockers, Made Me, P.A.M. and the list goes on.

Format: Are there specific events that you attend each year like B&B and Magic?
Gee: We have been going to B&B for a while just to meet people and party and show face. Edson went to Magic last year for the first time, he had a blast.

Format: Who would you consider your competition in Amsterdam? Who is your competition across the ocean?
Gee: Amsterdam has no direct competition. 290 Square Meters is a dope shop. Guy running that place is doing his thing. Outside of Amsterdam, Size is the best sneakershop in the world. No competition. Store-wise the list of stores I respect is too long it’s not even about competition just like ‘em. DSM, Firmament, WoodWood, ARC, UNDFTD, HUF, Pigalle, and so on…

Format: You’ll be celebrating your 5th year anniversary this year. How are you going to throw it down?
Gee: Just gonna do some great releases, some really special ones we are really proud of, a really big party and a couple of surprises. It’s gonna be sick!

Format: What other new collabos can we look out for in 2009?
Gee: A lot, I’m not gonna go into specifics — all big players in their own way.

Format: What’s in store in the future for Patta? Will you soon open up another location?
Gee: We are working on some stuff but you’ll see it’s closer then you think. We just gonna keep building and staying focused.

Format: Where do you guys see Patta in 10 years?
Gee: By that time we will be a brand.

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