Nylon Street View The New Nylon Book of Global Style

“Fashion is over.  Blame Etsy.  Blame the Internet, blame the Sartorialist and those who came before (and after) him.  Fashion as we know it – as a codified set of instructions, a paint-by-numbers shopping guide for those who would buy what they could neither create nor imagine – is over. “  -Nylon

Globally known to champion text for cutting-edge style and emerging pop culture trends, Nylon Magazine parades through London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Barcelona, Montreal, Los Angeles and home town New York to articulate the true sense of street fashion.  Well designed and put-together, this book gives a glimpse into the always eclectic, and ever elusive world of fashion at its core. The street. 

“Fashion – true style, if you will-has always been more about creativity than it has been about privilege…We’re convinced on every page of this book will present the most amazing street fashion in the world.” -Nylon

Sepher Cadiz

Sepher Cadiz

Sepher Cadiz

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