Keystone Design Union World Trend Report: Denham Denim 2.0 Recap

As I stated before, I can not express enough gratitude to my close friend Liam and Jennifer Maher for their hospitality on our recent trip to Europe. I will be posting more images from our travels to Parisian Flea Markets and the fashion mecca, Antwerp… for now, here are some additional images from the Denham Denim store and workshop in Amsterdam.

Additional thanks, once again to Jason Denham for his time and generosity. He gifted me a wonderful pair of antique shears from the private Denham archives.

If you are not aware of the Denham brand… please take the time to check out their new site and visit the store. While the market makes thin attempts to react to the craft/ tradition trend, no one, in my opinion is able to mix in enough raw innovation quite like Denham. In the coming years this brand will set the bar higher than most are willing or able to follow.

Denham The Jeanmaker

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