Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: 7 Epic Runway Fails

Fashion shows are known for the dynamic clothing they showcase, but cutting-edge fashion isn’t always functional, which can lead to some pretty big mishaps on the runway. In honor of this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (airing December 4th on CBS at 10 ET/9 CT), let’s take a moment and remember those models who encountered a little trouble in a little clothing.

Models are thin, but they can’t walk on water

In this clip from an outdoor exhibition, a translucent runway is set up over a pool in order to give the illusion that models are walking on water. One problem – plastic runways become slippery, with a female model taking a dive. To her credit, she does swim away and return for the finale.

Shaolin Monks send a model through the floor

There’s just not a good way to accurately describe the weirdness that occurred in this moment in time – just watch the video. A gaggle of mock Shaolin Monks run and flip over the stage at the beginning, leaving a tiny dent in the runway. The dent opens up, engulfing an unassuming model.

Brazilian Bikini Model falls HARD

Are runways covered in extra virgin olive oil? In this clip from 2011’s Brazilian Fashion Week in Rio de Janero, a bikini wearing model makes it to the end of the runway, but can’t keep her composure as she walks back. She slips and falls at 0:09 of this video, with the oncoming model rushing to her aid.

Carmen Elektra falls, pouts, and then sends another model crashing to the ground

If you are going down, Carmen Elektra thinks you should take someone down with you. Carmen makes the initial round of the walk at a Max Factor show, but just before she hits the curtain, Carmen takes a massive dive. Elektra sits for a few seconds like a toddler with a scraped knee crying for their mother. The next model comes in at full speed, toppling over Elektra.

Losing a shoe while walking on a runway that looks like broken glass

Not a faux pas, but model Karolína Kurková had an interesting mishap at the 2006 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and took it well. At 0:20 in this video, Kurková loses her right shoe. She soldiers on, even mocking movements to act like she’s wearing a heel as she proceeds forward through glittery material that looks like glass. Thankfully, no blood was shed.

These shoes suck at being shoes

One can recover from a single fall, but two falls in the same show? That’s pretty rough. In both falls, fall she takes a hard knees-first landing. It’s gotta be the massive, awkward shoes she is wearing. However, she keeps smiling and gets up. Feed her a brownie.

Model Tosses PETA Protestor out of the Way

On a Tron-like runway backdrop with a remix of The Sneaker Pimps “Six Underground” beating in the background, a PETA supporter decides to make a stand. She doesn’t last long. The protestor rushes the stage, but this model is unfazed, pushing the protestor out of the way as she continues her walk down the runway.

Image courtesy of Victoria’s Secret. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs December 4th at 10 ET/9 CT on CBS.

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