Carhartt WIP 2012 Spring/Summer Lookbook

The Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook has been released for Carhartt’s Work in Progress line which features a lot of awesomely cool garments focusing on traditional American Sportswear with a fusion on urban/skater street style.

In the lineup are Letterman Jackets, Windbreakers, Sweatshirts, Short Sleeved Polos and T-shirts. The prints are simple featuring solid colors and graphic designs. The structure of the garments are extremely functional and loose yet the delineation is still very complimentary. All the pieces have a fluid theme and could easily be incorporated with another without fuss.

Carhartt’s Spring/Summer 2012 WIP lineup looks to be a strong season for the brand with an exciting array of trendy styles that will definitely make a statement.

Christian Bundoc

Christian Bundoc

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