Black Cotton Collection

Black Cotton Collection

Inspired by the idea that the medium of fashion can be used as a tool to spread social awareness and unity, The Black Cotton Collection, developed by Justice Hall, is one of the lines you need to look out for in 2007. Fresh, intelligent, and satirical designs, commenting on the African-American experience dominate tees and sneakers in the first line. Format recently caught up with Justice who spoke with us about how the label got started, the inspirations behind the brand, upcoming projects, and plans for the future.

Format: Can you give our readers a rundown on who the members are behind the Black Cotton Collection?
Justice: I, myself, am the fashion and graphic designer; TTK, custom sneaker designer; Jahse on the photography; Mapack Mapis, African Activist; and Peter ”Petey Wheat” Oakley assists with marketing.

Format: Where did the idea of the Black Cotton Collection start, and how did you all come together to finally bring this idea to life?
Justice: It started with my frustration of the success of these huge companies. I‘m tired of seeing brands making money of our culture. It’s ridiculous. I watched them go to the hood, take pictures of us, profile us in their power point presentations, joke and laugh about our heritage and lifestyle, but then will turn around and sell us their brand.

What’s even more ridiculous is to see the people embrace these brands. I feel like I’m in a position to do something powerful to make a statement. So through my frustration and lack of originality in the fashion industry I birthed The Black Cotton. It was easy to come together because we are all artists fighting with bigger companies on a daily basis. It only made sense to come together and create something for ourselves.

“It started with my frustration of the success of these huge companies. I‘m tired of seeing brands making money of our culture. It’s ridiculous. I watched them go to the hood, take pictures of us, profile us in their power point presentations, joke and laugh about our heritage and lifestyle, but then will turn around and sell us their brand.”

Format: What does the Black Cotton Collection represent?
Justice: It represents art, fashion, and struggle in its purest form.

Format: Why did you choose fashion as the medium in which to express your ideas and messages?
Justice: Besides having a degree in fashion design, fashion, especially t-shirts, is one of the most effective ways to promote and advertise these days. It’s clearly a way to get or spread messages to the masses very quickly.

Format: Are there plans of expanding to other media in the future?
Justice: I’m actually working on Black Cotton posters. So for all the people who appreciate art and value substance please be on the look out for the The Black Cotton Posters. And Black Cotton Photos by Jahse. Please check out my mans work at

Black Cotton Collection

Format: How do you view the fashion industry now compared to what you’re doing with your label?
Justice: I view them like an older brother would look at his little brother. You know? Like, yeah I see you following them cats, didn’t I tell you to be yourself punk? (laughs). For real, they don’t even compare to what I’m doing. And I think people are realizing that.

Format: Can you tell us a little bit about the inspirations behind the graphics and art on the T-Shirts and Sneaker Customizations you produce?
Justice: The Black Cotton designs are inspired from the historical events that took place in African American heritage to the derogatory images that once devalued our culture. For example the “OLYMPIC 1968” is a design dedicated to Tommie Smith and John Carlos 1st and 3rd in the 200 meter. Respectively, they showed their solidarity for the movement on the medal podium by raising a black fist. It was events like that which made us strong back then. I believe that’s the strength we need to take back our culture. The shoes are crafted to compliment the shirts.

Format: What new things can we look out for soon with your collection? Will there be more sneaker customizations as well?
Justice: I’d rather that be a surprise, to me, as well as the consumers. I design every day, I got tons of great ideas for TBCCII. It’s going to be fire, refreshing.

“My grandmother’s generation was children of slaves. My mother’s generation was taught heritage, love and to value family. My generation was told to get an education, College, College, College. See my daughter’s generation is going to own her own business. The time is now, support!”

Format: Being that it is Black History Month, are you currently working on any special projects or planning to release any special products for the month of February?
Justice: XLI, yes sir. It’s so necessary!

Format: You’re label is still in its early years. Where do you see all of this going in the next three to five years?
Justice: Hopefully on top respectively sitting high above the competition like, we did it. We proved all of them wrong. We stuck together and supported one another.

Black Cotton Collection

Format: What is the ultimate goal for the Black Cotton Collection?
Justice: Hopefully, I’ll see people be smarter on how they spend their money. I want them to know that if we help ourselves we can rule and dominate. We can be powerful.

Format: Besides your website, where else can our readers find your products?
Justice: Right now exclusively only at M Couture, 2222 Summit St, Columbus, 43201 (614) 268-6536 Columbus, Ohio. But please checkout our MySpace page for future retail stores.

Format: Are there any shout outs or words of wisdom you’d like to leave our readers?
Justice: My grandmother’s generation was children of slaves. My mother’s generation was taught heritage, love and to value family. My generation was told to get an education, College, College, College. See my daughter’s generation is going to own her own business. The time is now, support!

Black Cotton Collection

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  1. yo, I get what you are trying ta do in all…like bring something new and fresh to the fashion game but have you looked at the real issue and what you are dealing with. I respect the fact that you have seen the truth behind many of these million dollar companies, how they feed off of the urban culture and breath through it just to fill they pockets. But what I dont understand is how you plan to get your product to the mass of other cultures, those that our out there that you seem not to realize that would also would support your message if it was for a unified cause. Art is in so many ways the birth of conversation that leads to questions in are every day life. Your messages do represent the past and what some might say goes on behind many closed doors but what are you doing to rep the future. One might say that you are showing the same attitude that Malcom X had and the entire Black Panther movement. There message was no were near the message of Martin Luther King, there message was of Black Power and how African American needed to support one another and fight the power and the cause. But for M.L.K. the message was different, yes lets unite my black brothers and sisters yet lets also unite together my white, black, yellow and brown brothers and sisters and fight together amongst any evil that stands in our way and spread love not hate yet…come together as one….Your direction and message has no substance you have limited your self for only African Americans to wear your clothing and have sectioned your self off to other cultures. If I were to see you wearing any of those Tee shirts while walking down the street and I myself was of another race what should I say….what can I say because you have made it so I could not be apart of your message. You need to think as to the messages you have in your clothing….have you forgotten that African’s sold there own people for jewels and money to slave owners and also enslaved there own people
    and are still doing that today. Blood diamond’s are founded every day through African youth and young African girls are being sold off to African men for sex…..what about the other cultures that were in slaved and hat gotten treated the same……I don’t think your clothing will help any of us with these issues by spreading the messages that spread onto your tee’s. Yes these are reflections of the past that still might see the light of today but we dont have to feed of the negative yet we can work towards creating messages of unity and how to create our own info-structures that allow us to bring in different styles and designs that are from the many cultures that support urban fashion, don’t forget that fashion is made to be for the masses….not to have a “Black Only” sine…….try and design for all with a true cause with substance and meaning.


  2. I understand what the brand is trying to do but in the case of the watermelon shirts, more should have been added so its more than apparent that the designer was trying to prove a point, simply displaying it makes it too subtle. You’d be surpsied how many Blacks, let alone those of other races, have limited knowledge of American History in regards to Blacks let alone the age of the pickiny(wide eyed goofy black cartoon)..most will probaly take the shirts for face value, fruit on a shirt and nothing more since the majority didn’t graduate from a HBCU.

    More effort should have been made to educate while at the same time making a statement if they want the shirts to be effective to the, for loss of a better word, ignorant majority.

  3. Love the collection! Justice has been such an inspiration to so many poeple from where we grew up, and now he can further that by making an example of the very people that we all support…the clothiers of the world! Justice’s designs have alwasy been fresh and unique! Keep up all of the good work, and hopefully, all the people can support the movement and project the word to the farthest reaches of the universe!!! Only time will tell! Keep on being an inspirtaion and motivation to us all Jus!

    Madd Love from the “Mitten” to the “Peach” baby!

  4. what insperation do you get from it??? what, to be blacked owned and only have black folk working in your company….come on my dude….
    Im from the hood and I rock clothing that dont section off other folk.
    I dont get how designing product for one race helps the universe…..
    Dont to much agree with ya girl Amanda……when will we see another good clothing line come out that has something possitive for everyone…… KD and OSOFLY said it best………..but keep doing ya thing Black Cotton….. I just dont see ya clothing going in to many stores but black owned…..but hey who knows…..good luck


  5. Yo-
    I appreciate the comments from the viewers……
    I just wanted to say this, I’m no politician, I’m not money hungry, Im an African American Artist expressing my everyday life. I’m a Fashion/Graphic Designer. My Collection is Art, Fashion and Struggle, A true representation of my life. No Gimmicks, No Games, just me letting out my frustrations after a long days work…..

    OSOFLY, what you said was right on point and thats one of the reason why I birth The Black Cotton collection. Truthfully, I got to FIX home before before I worry about others No disrespect Fam, I just think its necessary to open my peoples eyes and inform them. I know its right in your face but, thats life! alot of B.S. right in our faces, from politics,media,school etc. etc……. We were set back from the beginning. FROM THE BEGINNING!!!!


  6. YO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …….hold up……see I cant understand this….another wack tee shirt
    line……..that dont have no real reason!!!!!
    I dont see yall going to africa and trying ta fix nothin….are any of your $$$$ going to africa…..NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you never mentioned none of that in your interview … expressed a bunch of nothin….you aint picked no cotton or worked in no plantation….get off ya ass and quit lookin for somethin that is in our past..that was a stupid comment that you dont care about other cultures and want ta fix home first….are youased out of Africa…..why not help fix America were we many cultures live together……YO Justice….I dont understand…….why didnt you answer back to any of the real questions and topics that I seen oh boy “OSOFLY” spoke on????? Because he killed it!!!
    Just another dude trying ta make a few dollars with a few clip art images….I checked out the myspace and seen ya price on the kicks…..
    why you trying to sell those sneakers for like $300 that come from those million $$ companies you talk about…just because they got a little paint on them dont make them exclusive……it dont add up fam……
    I think OSOFLY got at you……BLACK COTTON!!!!!!!!!!

    FORMAT always gets love from ya boy, but this time we spotlighted the wrong clothing line!!!!!!!

    bRICKCITy!!!!!!!! STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!

  7. word. just another t-shirt, about as relevant as FUCT or OBEY. I like the colourways though but wouldnt be caught dead wearing this stuff. Having only blacks work at your company, what? is that true? if so its plain retarded and Im sure youd be making way more bank if you had some Asians in accounting or some whites in PR.

  8. Damn…..You guys are really ignorant! misquotes and misunderstanding my self expression. Research Betye Saar’s” the liberation of Aunt jemima, Romare Bearden, Fela Kuti, Hale Wooddruff etc etc…. “research the African American Artist’s that I’ve studied, Im not here to debate… I’m here to create art. Exposing the truth! The truth hurts.

  9. yeah I was checking the feedback on the formatmag. It seems to be aome controversy as far as people understanding the meaning behind the line . That is something that you will have to work to clarify so that there will be no misunderstandings . I know that things are not like back in the day when we had no choice but to support the new black owned lines like tribevibe,maurice malone, karl kani, ect but now people buy without a conscience so they are not concerned where the dollar goes or to whom. I think that you just need to get your interview skills tight and then you will be able to handle or shut anyone down that comes sideways . cause the shirts are a questions mark to a lot of people so they get stuck thats why a hang tag may be necessary to give a brief explaination . people arent looking at the full picture cause they are already hypnotized ,you feel me. they dont know you are not really doing it for the money or what ever except those that know you . you know what you have is hot that is why scheme and format gave you exposure they know it is hot . yet I am here when you need me and if you want to come up with some things as far as some cause to align with or some kind of marketing then we can brainstorm and put it together. I think that a lot of people have a lot of fear of upsetting others(to the point of them having to acknowledge things that matter) or being afraid to show where they stand. we will build later.

  10. See you have not even discuseed the issue in hand… a designer you have no answers for what you create yet you expect people to buy into your product….its not that people are hypnotized its the fact that you only talk about wanting your people involved in this project…what makes you diffrent from the same white prick that makes money off our culture yet only wnats to really make the money with his own people… are doing the same thing in many ways….I hate the fact that you cant answer to the many questions that have been asked or stated….you name all these artist that had reason for what they creat…also you named artist who might had shared the strugles of those times….this is a new day and you should realize that you are in a country that has many strugles for many other cultures…I see that you might want everyone to see the strugles of our people and expose the truths yet you section your self off from the rest of the world….answer this question….why are you creting messages that only focus on African Americans???????????????????????????????????????????
    Are your strugles so much greater than others……and what about those statements that “OSOFLY stated…you have yet to touch on any of those questions…….if you want to make a statement without questions being thrown at you then how do you plan to make it in the fashion world…..
    Who do you think will buy into your clothing?????
    Seems like you want to spread the messages that we all know and just because we question why someone would want to be seen wearing it on a Tee Shirt has you bothered……
    Just becaues someone brings up great points towards your clothing dosnt mean they dont know there history….as an artist myself I know of all the artist you just named..yet Fela Kuti, belived in many things that I guess you feel the same with….like….He was also a social commentator, and criticized his fellow Africans (especially the upper class) for betraying traditional African culture. The African culture he believed in also included having many wives (polygyny) and the Kalakuta Republic was formed in part as a polygamist colony. Though not part of African culture, it should be noted though that Fela was very liberal when it came to sex, as he portrayed in some of his songs, like “Open and Close.” He also expressed views that could be considered sexist, such as describing women as mattresses.

    Yo all in all I like that you are trying to bring something new to fashion
    but I think you need to look at how you explain your reasons or give up on
    doing Articles…just because you get an article does not mean everything is a hit….just means that the writer might had seen how there could have been alot of questions that could come up that would make it worth having on the site…….
    we all gotta pay the bills…….ya dig!!!

  11. The funny thing is, I can appreciate what the line represents and the messages its trying to put out to the people. Even as a non-black, I’m not mad at you being or promoting a black-owned company. What I don’t understand is after all that talk about, and let me quote:

    “It started with my frustration of the success of these huge companies. I‘m tired of seeing brands making money of our culture. It’s ridiculous. I watched them go to the hood, take pictures of us, profile us in their power point presentations, joke and laugh about our heritage and lifestyle, but then will turn around and sell us their brand.:

    you chose to work with Nike! That is exactly the brand I think of when you make a statement like that. Nike used to drop Jordans off in the hood fully knowing that those kids can’t afford them but knew that they would show them off and create trends and envy amongst themselves and ultimately that would trickle out to the masses. They had no ties, no connection other than to make money off kids they knew would market their product for free.

    I’m not puttin you down for what you’re tryin to do, but when you choose to walk into the realm of politics, race, and big business, you gotta know that every step of the way someone is gonna check you.

    Keep on.

  12. I’ll be in the OH. for March and I hope to visit M Couture and checkout the digs in person. You know, I am curious to know if Columbus, Ohio has racial tension or like what the situation is in that city – I only ask, because I see that is where your product is from and maybe there is a need for this gear in that area of America.

  13. Art is interpreted in various ways. Is this part of his plan? Why the short brief answers? I believe its to stir up conversations and get us to talk about these issues. I believe its a great marketing approach to promote the overall message. either way you look at it, Its great convo
    keep typing……….

  14. i think it all sounds racist !!! i wouldnt support shit ! from a females perspective walking down the street wit a tee that says blood slave money oh hell nah !! young blood ya need ta get ya thoughts together and think of sumthin else ! dont you think that might offend other people of your same race ? its just too much !

  15. Billy Ray Valentine says:

    I like that you are coming out strong. I also like that you only use the most racist and stereotypical imagery that you can because when I think of black culture I think of Sambo and watermelon. We have all been down this road before a few times with brands like 2 Black Guys and shows like A Different World and don’t forget about X-Clan. If you are trying to educate me on black culture all you are teaching me is that you (not the entire black race) can only try to express your anger with offensive graphics that we have seen before. Your graphics and colors are really good so put your talents to the test and come out with graphics that shine past all other people. You are better than this.

  16. A long as you build on the idea that you are a victim, and that is your soul identity as an person, you will always come up short. And what happened at the 1968 Olympics was counter racism. That was not, and is not a positive thing for blacks or whites, or any other race for that matter. And let me quote you with ‘I want them to know that if we help ourselves we can rule and dominate. We can be powerful.’ You want to rule huh? dominate? You seem much more interested in a battle than in peace.
    What about the asian population in America? I guess we just have to wait and see if they feel the need to create a clothing line that exclusively caters to their own race. How about a clothing line exclusively for just whites! Why not right? Oh that’s right, becuase if they are succesful, it’s becuase they are white. My bad. It could’nt have anything to do with the fact that they are working hard, educating themselves, and thriving based on there work and expertise…could it?
    No one gets ahead that way if they are black, right? …………..
    The more focused you become on BEING BLACK, the less success you will have in this industry, and as a whole as a human being.
    Your clothing line is built from deep emotion, drive, and evident skill, this much is true. Yet, it lacks true intellegence, and respectability. Your market is going to be much more narrow than just race.
    With all do respect, grow up man.

  17. Everyone makes such great point. BCC does come from a passion and evident talent. It is offensive, controversial and narrow in its scope. at the same time, it is thought provoking, empowering and looks great.

    Is it any more narrow in its scope than Polo or Tommy Hilfiger, who promotes, markets to and was built on White Anglo Saxon Protestant lifestlye? Maybe less subtle, nonetheless Tommy, Polo and damn near every other brand before Cross Colors, Karl Kani, April Walker etc. consciously chose to marke thier product to the caucasian, affluent consumer. The fact is a brands power often lies in its ability to focus; to choose a position own it. BCC is not for everyone, but is any clothing line, is any brand. What is fashion except an outward expression?

    So what if it was only created for Blacks. I am sure not every African American will agree with the message, which is fine. The beauty of this nation is that you have to choice to either wear it or not. I recall the “X” jackets and African medallions of the late 80’s early 90’s.

    So to answer the question who is going to buy BCC….exactly those who are going to buy it. Be it because the design is hot and the color way is fire and it matches the fitted, or because they are firm believers in the message…it is what it is.

  18. This shit is offensive. I’m suprised Nike would even support the idea of minstrel show/coon-esque pics on a pair of shoes after all the support they’ve received from the African American community over the years. It’s not satirical and it’s not cool, it’s wrong.

    “I know its right in your face but, thats life! alot of B.S. right in our faces, from politics,media,school etc. etc……. We were set back from the beginning. FROM THE BEGINNING!!!!”

    Yea but even with being set back in the beginning, over the years we’ve become progressive. Struggling black artist huh? You can’t do better than this? You don’t see whats happening to you and what you could possibly do to “your” culture? I know where and what I come from, and I know who I am. I don’t need to parade around with it on my shoes and shirt. The graphics are offensive. Why not express yourself through the beauty of the black man or black woman instead of the graphics and stereotypical symbolism that out fathers and mothers worked so hard to get past? I can see your work certainly has potential, and I really do think the colors are dope, but I think you can do better than this. I hope you can do better than this. I’m offended by the graphics on your clothing line.

  19. Okay-
    I finally carefully read some of the comments, unlike others I’m a very busy guy designing your favorite brands and being a father at the same time. I didnt know I would have to answer all these questions! Truthfully a artist should never speak on his or her work, the audience should intrepret the art in its own perspective. Okay,…….
    Listen Osofly and othes….Where do you get that I’m spreading HATE? And Why did you use words like “Black Power” in the same sentence? In your eyes, you’re calling me the Malcom X of Apparel? Let me expalin something to all of you guys and I’m only going to say this once after this, it’s back to work!!
    Right now African Americans are being made a fool out of. Look at the latest lines out there. What do you see on these shirts? Bitches, Gold grills, Dope, Guns, Crooks, Jewelery, etc etc….. Where do you see these stores at? In the Inner city. Who owns these stores? everybody but African Americans whats the price point of these garments? a trendy T-shirt retails at $40 to 50 dollars.Which leaves my people on the streest stealing and selling drugs to keep up!Now I know you said $300.00 sneakers? Negro, THATS THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET SOME ATTENTION if the shoes dont cost its not vauled and besides thats TTK has an artist fee. Ask him. I make no money off that, I barely break even. I bought the shoes and are pratically giving them away just for the message!!! Thats way more important to me than money. I got corporate dollars to handle my expenses I’m straight!!!! but anyways….look at B.E.T A.K.A Blacks Exploiting Themselves It’s a shame to see how much bullshit the media feeds us. Like all we are is Girls, Grills, Cars and Gangsta Rap. I’m tired of the black degrading videos,commercials, Hollywood etc etc.. ( man yall got me started!!!) See THE BLACK COTTON is a clothing brand forefronting the HARDCORE truth of what america is feeding our children, like I said I’m a father. I got a daughter to raise and I’ll be damned if I let her grow up and think that the NEW BLACK is materialistic and Ignorant ( Notice I said the New BLACK) because they dont make African Americans like they use to. The African Americans that I’ve studied were strong, smart, family oriented, people who believed that if you prayed together you stayed together they really loved one another. So when you say, “You wouldnt wear this shit” and telling me to “grow up” your either brainwashed or ignorant yourself!!!!! I love all races but, its been too long that America has potraited African Americans like fools. Being a designer and a corporate dude, I have every right to design this collection, you dont have a clue what I’ve been through, not a clue at all. you guys are on the outside looking in…………
    Okay…..Think about it? ( pause) I spent countless hours and alot of money to do something I believe in, not something that will sell. ( read that over please!!!!) Now think about that!!! I did something I believe! As talented as I am I could of easily made alot of hot shit, mimick the shit that was already out there! and made a shit load of money but, I’m a soilder! I’m blessed I’m a rare breed! I said fuck Profit! Its something bigger than a profit, I said, “My people are being made a mockery of, I dont like this shit”! Maybe its personal but ,thats a true artist for you, self expressing his thoughts and trying to change the world for the better!
    I’m not Malcolm X , I’m no M.L.K., I’m Justice
    someone fighting for what he believes in. I’m exposing the truth about this shitty world we live in. It’s reality it’s here, I see it face to face everyday so all you people that cant relate, how the hell you gonna judge what I’m doing? It’s not for you. Just respect my angle and the craft and keep it moving please but, dont hate what you don’t know.

    Okay, thats enough time you took from me, I should charge you cats for that.
    Time is money or for family!


  20. I agree with what B. Payton said. The stuff definately is offensive. The designer basically took some old offensive symbols and put it on a t shirt and some sneakers. It’s like a Jewish person wearing a Swaztika and saying, “look, yall. This is what we been through” without any kind of real explanation.

    There’s no explanation or anything on the shirt. It’s just a sambo and some watermelon. C’mon man! Why should I want to wear a symbol of hatred and oppression?

    This could be the dumbest t shirt line ever possibly. And with the interview questions that don’t make sense, I wonder if it’s actually a white supremacist selling the stuff. Maybe he wants black people wearing stuff that’s racist towards black people.

  21. In conjunction with my last post and B. Payton’s post. I hope you just painted those sneakers yourself. And I sure hope Nike doesn’t know anything about this. Cause if that stuff gets to the public…

  22. God! That watermelon is killing me. Does that shirt mean black people own watermelon? Cause it’s just a shirt that says support black owned with a watermelon on it. Get outta here!

  23. Ok. I peeped the black cotton website. The only shirts I don’t agree with are the ones with the sambo/pickaninny theme and the sneakers. Otherwise, your’re on the right track. Cause the pickaninny theme is waaay too offensive. Like B. Payton said, black people worked way too hard to do away with those images for them to be brought back so you can make money off a t shirt.

  24. If I’m not mistaken I went to school with some of these guys. CCAD and Columbus REPRESENT! Cool to see fellow designers make it.

    I’m a big sneaker head… love the custom kicks!

  25. Look at Fubu (For Us, By Us).
    Albums like Mos def, Black on both sides,Public enemy ( It takes a nation of millions to hold us back, The Roots career, Common, like water for chocolate,
    Dave Chappelle turning down 50 million dollars, alot of people was like HE’S ON CRACK!!!! I Understood! I knew exactly what he was going through because I’m going through it. See,when your’e an artist and you reach a certain level in your career, you’re sitting at the table with alot of fake ass getting over sellouts! People that only like you cause of the money you make them, At times you feel like a modern day slave, for corporate. So G147 to answer your question, its not a black,white,asian,mexican etc. issue. Its to respectfully pay homage to the strong black artists that sacrifice or died for they Believed. (As nas would say) Carrying on tradition!
    So if you feel that Fela kuti was a revelutionary soilder and want to wear it? Thats fine, if 1968 Olympics was impactful? embrace it. As long as the history is being told and not destroyed, I can rest and work at other companies in peace, knowing that I’m contributing on perserving my heritage.


    aesthetically i think your designs are awesome

    politically your talking some good shit

    honestly i find no personal empowerment or sense of pride in wearing Nike sneaker with a Sambo image or something that says Support Black owned with a watermelon under it I just dont see the connection

    yeah the black power fist and icons (martin, Malcom, etc) is tired but there has got to be a stronger sense of imagery then rehashing stereotypes and trying to find some kind of twisted logic in them

    thats just my personal thing though

    but yeah shit looks good

  27. Yo!! you guys still don’t get it! I’m using the derogatory images to state that this is how I’m feeling in the materialistic greedy political corporate Industry!
    this is how we’re being viewed by this huge companies through television, advertisements, and even Hollywood. until we support and respect ourselves nothing is going to change……

  28. Yo Justice,

    First of all, I think your line is great. What people don’t understand is, yes, we have come a long way as a people (African Americans), but its not over. We’ve become way too relaxed. Everybody’s all on that lets be equal thing, having us think that us being proud of our culture and heritage is the wrong thing to do. Black culture is being pimped and we have to make a stand, whether its music, fashion, sports, and pop culture in general, we are the basis, the material they use, to sell back to us nonetheless, and we have little ownership and control. YOu don’t know how happy it made me feel to see a line like this. Im from Richmond, Ca in the Bay Area. Please in the future open up a shop in Cali and keep doin ya thang brotha. Opening peoples eyes is not easy and you will damn near be crucified for trying… but when it happens, what a beautiful day it will be!


  29. i agree w/ what D posted 100%. i’ve seen how my man Justice is being crucified for BCC. I know personally, this isn’t about the money, this is his artistic vision. as a fellow artist, i’ve done paintings in the past that were designed to showcase and enlighten people on racism, drugs, and violence in America & the Black Community. i was criticized by many for my “in your face” approach. but i accomplished my goal, i opened someones eyes to the issues that have affected me and my people across the world. alot of times people confuse a message of this sort as a match to spark the racism issue. BCC is by no means racist, it’s meant to open peoples eyes, especially our people of how we’re being exploited. and just like D mentioned, the era of the civil rights movement is gone & we’ve come a long way but we still have far to go. the media feeds us these stereotypes of what we’re suppose to be like i.e. thugs, trap stars, etc.. and sadly, alot us play into these images. BCC is going to offend many. if you like it, support it, if not cool, just respect it

  30. yall still dont get it …I dont think nobody said not to rep our culture…the facts are in the comments that you seem blind to read into….with you your followers on here making statements that everyone ells is just blind, come on now….no its just we are all trying to unite have continued to move forward….and dont speak on hip hop with that Black Power sh@t…..cuz the entire reason why we have hip hop music and the culture is to allow any race to embrace it as one only because every culture that lives it only adds to it….just because you want to show and spread love to your culture dosnt mean you have to section off the rest of the world…..yall stupid for thinking black folk are the only ones who have strugle… brotha!! Not everyone supported the black movement in Hip Hop durring the early 90’s……because it section off exactly what made hip hop…sounds like you are the one brainwashed not knowing that just because a few black folks were down with those negative things didnt mean all were……be a leader not a follower and wake up…..we should realy be paying homage to the native americans if you realy want to go there with all this talk of issues based in America….and I dont here you talking about going back to africa and learning the languagegiving this and doing that for Africa….therear many boats going back there everyday but many black folk never talk about going back to our roots….aint like you gotta stay in America…oh but we not gonna talk about that…my brotha….we need to unite as one and know that if were going to stay in america we should know that blood money comes from everywere and yall still spend it……

    Also know that the way you are going at this entire thing is just like any supremacist group with views like……
    ” F-ck all yall / you owe us / fight the power / its our time / just for my people /

    get right!!!!

  31. first of all the shit is real nice. most people who make negative comments are the same people who jus talk. they can tell you what this message mean, what he should do, or what he shouldnt do. but asks yourself what are you doing… Nothing. Art is an expression of what some one feels. if you’re a true artist you know what this mean. jus like my man said he could have came up with any thang jus to make money. i really believe if he would said im given these shirt away free, it would have been a differnt look on his work. jus because money is a factor thats when we want to cut a brother off. jus like TTk said you dont got to get it jus respect it homie.

  32. Hey ii Passed by & ii reallii liike ur desiigns theiir reallii uniique….iim diiqqiinq da colors….get back at meh..ii wanna know whea to fiind da kiicks & the Shiirt!!

  33. RESPEKT!!!!!!

    Do your thang kid and let’em haters hate, it will only empower your work brotha! The work of an artist will always be remembered if it’s destroyed or hatted thus empowering it to another level!

    I myself – I’m not black & I don’t rock NIKE – however I recognize talent and how much work is involved and MAD RESPECT kid for takin on the big companies with FRESH GEAR!

    Good choice of colors – kicks are BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done kid,

  34. Hey Jus,

    I don’t care what any one says the line is hot and needed. WHen I saw I had no Qualms as to what it was about or what it meant and if I wasn’t sure I went and found out not because I am an artist myself , but because I understand our struggle, your struggle and mine. I’m from the hood as well so I feel you. I did not know who FELA was until I saw your shirts. So I went and researched him, not bash what you are doing.I am not apologetically black at all. Why can’t we have our own just for us. I went to the same predominantly white college you went to where there wasn’t even an African/ African american course until 2004, and where the black students were scared to have their own group and call African. Everyone always wants to multi-culturalize our stuff. But we aint quite there yet people. There is a lot of hate and criticism on this forum and it just reminds me of the ” crab in the barrel” theory. Here this man is from the slums and is trying to educate EVERYONE through his passion, ART, and OUR people are the ones tearing him down. All the more reason this is needed Fam. People Hate what they don’t understand. I wonder how many of the haters send money to AFRICA or even to there own communities at that. There is so much I can say but it probably wouldn’t ,matter. Hey, I guess you doing something right cause you got so many haters, you need about a 150more haters, they gone do the work for you homie. Tell these haters to check the hooks of some of these nursery rhyme rap songs they be singing, and then tell them to keep hating, while you make a difference to somebody. I’m there with you bruh, Proud of you, and I am right behind you, LOOK Hey I saw white boy eating with his white girlfriend in the mall in columbus with a black a shirt on that had a picture of a black woman on it, and it said “The Black Woman is the mother of the earth”. Clearly this was a vintage shirt from the 80’s and it was clearly designed for I would think for blacks only right? That puzzled me as I sat and had lunch with my girl, who is an African/African American major in college. So I had to ask him where he got it from and more importantly why he was wearing it. He looked at me in shock as if to say I can’t believe he asked me that.He was a lil scared and nervous cause it was me. I looked at him and his lady and waited for there reply. He said well it was a gift and I thought it was cool, so I wore it. So I said to him well you know its true. He grinned and nodded his head and him and his lady headed for the door. His lady turned around and said “y you know what thank you, it is true i wish more of YOUR people realized it”. I said all that to say, that someone probably made that shirt for them self and who they are but it reached outside of that whether that was there intention or not. So you keep designing for you and what is your truth thats a true artist and your line is going to reach the masses far beyond these folks on here that have probably never picked up a book or who don’t even understand our culture and how we had to and still have to struggle with negativities that come our way and how we have turned those same negatives and turned them to positives and embraced them and made them our own, to where no one can use them against us. Maybe if they tried they would better understand what you trying to do. It’s a shame cause all this hate proves so much. It ain’t them man its our people. I could keep going but I am going to cut it off here. Peace and God Bless. You in my prayers!

    “If you Keep your head when all about you is losing theres and blaming it on you”

    “IF” – Rudyard Kipling

  35. Don’t you understand that the more you bring up the past the harder it will come back? The reason racism is still around is that it keeps getting brought up. You may think that your clothing is making a statement, but infact it’s just stirring the pot even more. Many types of people were persecuted and enslaved. Take the Chinese, they were brought here by the numbers to build railroads, do you see them bringing up slavery? No. The Jews were enslaved thousands of years ago, do they say anything ? No. Poland was the size that Russia is now, and they were driven out, into a space no larger than Texas, do you hear them complaining?No.
    Why must you constantly keep bringing up African slavery? Just let it go, make something good of it. Celebrate freedom, not previous confinement. One of the most prominent actors today; Morgan Freeman said, “Black history month should be celebrating the acheivements of the black community, not bringing up slavery”.

    Just a thought… from one individual.

  36. I think you’re moving in the right direction with the line. If people like your clothing designs, great. If people disagree with it, that’s fine too. In fact, it’s good that people stand on both side. The point is this: without this interview and the clothing line, this very interesting discussion would not be taking place. People on both sides of the issues are making interesting critiques, albeit some more well stated than other. Dissent and disagreement are cornerstones of healthy democracy.

    Stop Coonin Movement
    “We Hustle Consciousness.”

  37. mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.I think tis shit is fresh and u know it mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.irright cuz.

  38. for all those people who say that “we need to band together and be positive,” that’s just being delusional and ignorant.
    most people don’t even know about the history behind these shirts, let alone move forward from them.

    Shocking imagery is needed to spark discussion, which obviously has occured here, and i think that was what justice was going for

    Cameron and B. Payton: do you really expect to wear a tshirt with an “explanation”written all over it? as an artist, he’s basically taking back past stereotypes, and reminding us of past/current racial issues. is that so hard to understand?

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