Converse Jack Purcell Leather Boat Shoe

Two things were immense this summer: Jack Purcells and boat shoes. Naturally, it was a matter of time, before Converse took the classic cut to task and applied it to their equally familiar, Jack Purcell.

Traditionally a retro tennis trainer, the Purcell gets updated to the point of almost unrecognizable, in this mid boat shoe style. Made from genuine leather, the hybrid bears all the trappings of a boat shoe with its moccasin type stitching and ankle surrounding, lace system. However things get significantly sportier, with a thick white Converse sneaker sole and the famous Jack Purcell toe stripe. Combine that, with the leather laces and single metallic eyelet, these latest from Converse, are unique and far from offensive. Available here.

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  1. I am really really into these, they are amazing! I like that they’re smart casual so you can wear them on nights out. My boyfriend loves Converse so I think i’m going to get him these for Christmas :)

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