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Relatively fresh to the industry, 3V Collective offers a new element to the streetwear scene. This brand on the rise focuses on merging the creative community by means of fashion and art. They provide artists with a platform to showcase their work in a positive light, giving them complete freedom to design whatever they deem appropriate for the current season. The goal of 3V Collective is to create products that they want to see out there, not necessarily products that are trendy or surrounded by hype. This collaborative team has unquestionably accomplished this goal and here at Format, we are excited to see what the future has in store for them…

“We believed that it was as true to our mission statement as possible, but substitute the ‘I’ for ‘We’. Our collective group that we work with, we believe does have the potential to come and conquer any task or obstacle in their way.”

Format: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Brand Honda: My name is Brand Honda and I am part of 3V Collective, an artist collective and clothing company based out of Orange County California.

Format: Give us a brief history of the brand.
Brad Honda: We started the brand a few years back. Having a background in fashion design and production and with the idea and experience to create a more creative company based on a collective network of artists, 3V began its first stages.  

Format: What is your background in fashion and design?
Brad Honda: I studied graphic design at Cal State Channel Islands, and from there began working within the fashion industry on various design based jobs. Attention to quality and an eye for detail, I believe is something that I have learned through years of experience, but is one of the most important needs for an emerging company.


Format: 3V stands for Veni, Vidi, Vici, a Latin sentence spoken by Julius Caesar which translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Why did you name your brand after this famous sentence?
Brad Honda: We believed that it was as true to our mission statement as possible, but substitute the “I” for “We”. Our collective group that we work with, we believe does have the potential to come and conquer any task or obstacle in their way.

Format: Each season you feature the work of various artists. Why do you feel it is important to give these artists an outlet to showcase their creativity?
Brad Honda: There is honestly so much talent out there today, and unfortunately a lot of it gets wasted because people never get the chance or don’t have the means to achieve their potential. We are here as a supportive company to assist in getting artists and designers the recognition and exposure they deserve.


Format: Talk about the process of the artist collaborations. Do you seek them out, or do they come to you?
Brad Honda: It’s usually just friends, and friends of friends. People that we know who have incredible talent and whose work we enjoy. We approach them and ask if they would like to do some work with us, and they are usually stoked to do so.

Format: Any designs your personal favorites?
Brad Honda: I don’t think there is really a favorite. So much thought and work goes into each design and they all came out insane that I can’t really pick just one.

Format: Do you have any plans to expand the brand beyond t-shirts?
Brad Honda: Absolutely, but we have to stay true to the process of building a brand. We would love to venture into cut and sew but not before we truly feel that the product being put out is top notch. We have produced some really quality shirts, all of our stuff is 100% custom constructed, treated, and dyed in LA. We aren’t printing on cheap blanks; there was a lot of research that went into the choosing of fabrics, treatments, dye processes, and final construction. We are also looking into building the brand as an artist collective, we are going to be dropping some limited silk screen prints with artists that we work with, and would really like to venture into some more art based products as well.

Format: Where is the brand currently being distributed?
Brad Honda: We have most of our locations in southern California, because that’s where we are from, but we are currently branching out to the east coast and Toronto as well. You can find our stuff at The Attic and Turntable Lab.

Format: You are a relatively new brand to the scene. Where would you like to see 3V Collective in five years?
Brad Honda: We would love to have a worldwide network of core artists, setting up exhibitions featuring up and coming art, and most importantly putting out products that we are proud of and can stand by, we don’t need to be a huge brand, but we would love to be a respected one.


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  1. Ross Maceado says:

    Yeah their stuff is sick, I know that they carry a lot of their line at The Attic in Knotts Berry Farm.

  2. hey I dig the style of the shirts..i started up my own brand called FRESH KAUFEE weird name but interesting story behind it..I would like to maybe do a collab of some sort with you guys’ brand, just let me know.. thanks

  3. The first image of the Rhino in this article that 3V is claiming is theirs was stolen! This image belongs to Scribe. 3V is pathetic and should get their own artwork!

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