Watch Out Now

You may not recognise the name Enoch Light, but one of his songs has arguably become one of the most recognisable beats in hip hop.

Enoch started out with his band, The Light Brigade, performing in theatres and on radio in the 1930’s. In 1937, they had a hit with the song” Summer Night,” sung by Johnny Muldowney. The Light Brigade disbanded and Enoch dabbled at being a session musician on various broadcasts and recordings. His own material rose to popularity in the mid-‘60s with the recording “Persuasive Percussion and Proactive Percussion,” pioneering studio techniques like “ping pong” stereo and using 35mm film as a recording medium.

Enoch’s release, Big Hits Of The 70s Volume 2, was an easy-listening big-band album covering excerpts of film scores such as the Godfather and other hit recordings of the time. The LP contained the song “Hijack”, its punchy flute and funky feel sampled by the Beatnuts for their classic “Watch Out Now”. Adding some gritty drums and a still unknown vocal sample (the “watch out now” bit), they made a rock-solid banger. The Trackmasters cheekily sampled “Watch Out Now” for the massive J-Lo hit “Jenny From The Block,” but gave no credit to the Beatnuts for digging up the break or to Enoch Light for writing it. This has left many people never knowing the origins of the flute-driven instrumental. Sadly, Enoch passed away in 1978, so he never got the chance to see his work charging up a party or J-Lo shaking her booty to his beat.

Artists sampling Enoch Light:

K-OTIX – “Legendary”

Beatnuts – “No Escaping This “

J-Live – “Stir Of Echoes”

Lifesavas – “Fa Sho’ “

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  1. The Beatnuts are the shit. you would think Irv gotti would have more respect from them … straight jacking a beat like that.

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