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It’s totally amazing what you can find on the net if you are cursed with insomnia. There are so many places to look and so many press agency’s that are sloppy with what and when they announce things. Often pulling articles that were only up for minutes, but end up blowing the whole spot up, allowing pricks like me share it with the rest of yall! So read up on what i stumbled upon and think is pretty cool, lame and weird all at the same time. The following is a snippet from a press release that magically found it my way the other night.

*Gap and Colette join forces for temporary New York concept store*

Apparel retail giant Gap and Parisian high-end fashion store Colette will collaborate on a temporary store in New York City in September. The store will be housed in the space next to its Fifth Avenue flagship that it uses for a series of revolving retail concepts. It will feature limited edition customized pieces from Gap and selected artists and designers. Open from September 6 to October 5, Colette x Gap (Colette’s first ever New York location) will be designed to resemble its Paris flagship and will aim to “celebrate the best in fashion and culture,” according to Gap. The product selection will include Colette staples such as candles and home fragrance plus its artist edition items. Partnerships will also include products from Hello Kitty, Asics, Le Labo and Oakley. Artists and craftspeople including André, Anne-Marie Herckes and Olympia Le Tan will also customize gap pieces. The products will also be available in the Colette Paris location when it re-opens after its refurbishment in late August.

So all of this sounds ALMOST cool to me kinda. Colette coming to NYC, woo hoo. But with the GAP? This is another one of those nails in the coffin situations, in that i don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. In the end i guess its just two corporate GIANTS coming together to make even more money. I would think Colette’s profile is light years above the GAP’s and this would be a step down from what they have set up and achieved in their Paris location. I guess money talks, or perhaps it’s just that they are owned by the same people. Everyone owns everything now a days anyway. So kids, keep your eyes and wallets open, something new and collectible is coming to NYC (Sigh….yet again).

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