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The other day i did a half assed post about my UK peoples over at secret wars. I thought to myself, these dudes are killing it pretty big right now, i might as well cook up some questions and see what they have to say about their game and what they are up to over in the land of fish and chips. The following is a quick Convo i had with Terry Guy, one of the men at the center of a exciting new level of street action, read at your own risk!


WNP- How you doing Terry? Why don’t you take a moment to introduce yourself to the people who might not have heard of Secret Wars / Monorex, what exactly have you been up to these past couple years?

SW- Yo Julian, how’s things? Long time since our two teams battled in Dam..For those that do not know what we do here at Monorex HQ – We are a collective of young artists / designers, specialising in many types of creative styles from web and video production to live art and graphic design. Over the last couple of years we have been touring the World with our Secret Wars concept battling for large prizes from our sponsors!

WNP-How did the idea of a art battle start to materialize?

SW- If my memory serves me right – I had just watched Warriors and Fight Club and probably had a couple of beers inside me – I started thinking how could we up the ante at our exhibitions and make it more of a show for the people….A day or so later and a pad filled with ideas, Secret Wars was born. Obviously the title was inspired by the Marvel comic – where many characters were summoned to a planet in a duel to the death. The rest is history…


WNP- The Secret Wars team has a line up of some pretty impressive dudes with a lot of different backgrounds, different styles, ages, how did this team develop?

SW- The original series was made up of either artists already connected to Monorex or close friends we knew from around the ways….We are always looking for new talent and artists that offer a fresh styled approach….Secret Wars is one huge creative network!

WNP- A lot of your stuff gets pretty personal, your battle against the french team comes to mind (with a frog sitting on a gillatine.). Has anyone lost the plot and got too heated about the content? What is a successful battle to you?

SW- Yeah actually last month – In the London final we had odisy’s crowd throwing bottles in disgust when he lost by 1 vote…I was hit a couple of times in the leg J – And before then we have had some roudy crowd members trying to attack the artists on stage…I suppose this kind of controversy and talk brings more press and attention..Bring on WWF!


WNP-How does Daydream Magazine fit in to the whole Secret Wars equation?

SW- It’s just another link to the creative chain…

WNP- Whats the street action like in the UK? Is it thriving, or has CCTV fucked it up for everyone? How much of what your doing on the corporate side of things comes from the simple fact that its not realistic (or profitable) to paint the streets anymore?

SW- No it’s still going strong in the South and East of London in the deepest hours of the night..I feel London is at the forefront of this whole graffiti / street art movement..There is some really interesting collaborations stirring – and some amazing talent coming out of the bedrooms.


WNP- Any plans for a secret wars video? whats next for you guys and the concept in general? How do you see the future?

SW- Yeah we have a book and a DVD planned for next year – this will be a documentary on our journey so far…Some funny moments to share. The future for Secret Wars is to continue growing and expanding the competition – hopefully ending up with a complete World Series within the next 2-3 years! Live art is a new sport – I will push to make it an Olympic sport within 10 years!

WNP- Fire for effect my dude, anything you would like to add for the peoples?

SW- Big up to all the Monorex crew (Teck 1, Wen, Whitey, Jimi, Shrew, Squid Inc., Zadok, Mr K, Alfa, Reeps ) – and much respect to the 1/10 crew and anybody else that has met me @ Secret Wars…..


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