I’ve been trying to clean up my computer. It’s hard trying to figure out what not to have immediate access to. So far I’m down to 3 cd’s in my itunes. Biggie,Rap Phenomenon, John Legend 1st album and the new Lupe… and some straggling random obnoxious hip hop. It’s really my guilty pleasure.
So I found my original brief for the caricature series tees we’ve done since birth. I used to copy the caricatures from the actual tees in middle school. The style and technique is all I used to draw. Things really haven’t changed. If you ever talk to anyone about what I’m doing now it will not be a surprise. I guess I knew what I wanted.
I came up with the idea to do the caricature tees way back in 95 or 96 when the actual east coast vs. west coast beef was developing. I pitched the idea to a few companies that passed on it. Guess things really do happen for a reason.

Dustin Canalin

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