In the first official UNDRCRWN DOG WRESTLEMANIA, Undrcrwn official mascot (and my own dog), “Biggie” was matched against the young up and coming “Doughboy” of the Jason Davis Camp.

Owner and trainer, Jason Davis prepared Doughboy with an intense training regiment and a good diet consisting of hot dogs and fried rice.
“He’s coming for the number 1 spot” JD says. Doughboy has been taking blows lately but his experience is far beyond his young age. While Biggies training schedule consists of a morning walk complete with 3-4 breaks in 10 minutes of walking and a lot of rest.
His disgruntled trainers, Sondra and Dustin says that his diet and workout routine is unmatched. “He is only awake for maybe 5 hours out of the whole day eating or jamming a ball into your leg to increase his strength and annoyance. The other time he spends sleeping.”

The story here is that he is interning at UNDRCRWN under Biggie to possibly break into the mascot profession.
It’s a story of the teacher versus the student.

Round 1 begins now. Ding Ding.

Dustin Canalin

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