Gruff House is here!!!

So a few months back I was informed about a cool new project that was being put together by the homie Jon Knox aka Hello, Brute. Basically his plan was to put together a site that would host a whole community of handmade toy artists and their work. What was created is GRUFF HOUSE.

Today Gruff House launches. It is currently home to 12 artists and includes a blog, store, & resource section for everyone out there who is interested in the process of making handmade designer toys. Head on over to the new site and check things out. It’s mostly resin toys but also includes a few other medias as well. Read up on your favorite artists and check out their newest works. Be sure to check back up on the blog regularly too, as it will be updated on a daily basis by all the included artists.

I was asked to be part of the project as well. You can check out my current piece here. Swoop that. =)

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