8.28.09 – Summer Don’t Leave Me ft. the Wallpaper show

If your in the Bay Area you can’t miss this one. Friday August 28th at the 111 Minna Gallery in SF. The good homies over at 24karateMilkcrate & Good Company flew in Johnny Polygon for a special live performance which is being filmed by KarmaLoop TV for his new series. On top of that Hopie Spitshard, A-Ron, Val the Vandal, Belly Up, Whooligan, and Vin Sol will be rockin’ it also.

Besides all the premium party rocking, Summer Don’t Leave Me will also be hosting a special one night only gallery showing, WALLPAPER. The show will feature a bunch of single release (1of1) art prints by me and a few other very talented artists: John Wong, Mike Gilbert, and Andrew.

Be sure to drop by and check the festivities. If your ballin’ enough you might even be able to leave with todays equivalent of a Picasso. Yeah.

See you there.

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