So I gave her the boot


6″ Wheat Timbs used to be my move. They were a classic staple in every urban consumer outfit but then something happened. I started falling in loves with sneakers and could not stand to think about wearing boots ever again.

It was not until 2 years ago I had to take part in a fashion show and for practices they wanted all the guys to wear boots. So I dusted off my old pair of brown leather Chukka Timbs from High School. It was then that I fell in love with boots again. The reason why I was one over was because of the care free nature of boots. With sneakers you always have to be careful where you step or who steps on you. But with boots you can walk anywhere and take a few hits and keep it moving. Boots provided me with the freedom from the burden of fresh kicks. Especially in the New England slushy winter. But now that I recall Wheat Timbs were more fragile then sneakers, remember the eraser and brush and pale ass Timbs from cleaning them too much.

With that said, I need some new boots. Any good ones out there?

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