BDGA Auction (Saturday pt.2)

SO later that night after the Spy release Bodegas hosted a sneaker auction. I already posted the clip of the grey spy selling for $2000 so here are the rest of the pics of a few people I know…


Auction model (no they didn’t come with the shoes)

Prince Paul!

Leo (BDGA Store/ Damaged Boston/ Some other high end store) Don’t get to see him much but when we do link it its always a good look. Hopefully we will get to work on something ill together dudes got mad talent and potential in the fashion game.

Castro is a good homie of mine and a very talented designer but often gets confused for a certain R&B artist that makes G.O.O.D music lol

Jon Tang (PUMA) dope designer and the only person that can lace their kicks to the top eye-hole and make them look fresh.

Left to right: Harmeet (PUMA), Me, Mike & Natasha (Hotpepper Creative)

Left to right: Mike (Hotpepper Creative), Prince Paul, Owen (PUMA)

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