Remember StarTAC?

I couldn’t help but reflect, waiting in a retarded line for my new 3G iPhone, about how “huge” the StarTAC was when it dropped. It was so crucial, so hard to live without. Technology is funny like that. In 1998, trading in my pager for a cell phone seemed like the end of inconvenience. Now, 10 years later, having a new “mini-laptop ipod-GPS-email jammer” in my pocket feels the same way. Probably only for a little while… but iDig it. Viva Mac! (*FYI. It is actually really easy to evade a Verizon contract without paying cancellation fees. The iPhone really is that good in comparison to almost all Verizon phones. If you need reliable mobile email or if you travel the world, you are in luck. And don’t let them cut to 50%… Go for the throat.)

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