MWM X Shed. v.2

Today I jammed out on a new mural on Sirky’s barn. The day began with buffing my old mural from last Fall. While rolling over my old jam I was thinking of a dozen ways to be even fresher this time. Things got tricky when the hornets swarmed, three nests, damn… No worries though, spraypaint makes an awesome flame-thrower!Started pretty loose with a focus on the corner. It’s always fun painting around corners and trying to have things line up in perspective. Harder than it looks. Then I just went crazy with it and tried to weave as many layers in as possible. Even though there is a lot going on, I think it came off really clean and cohesive with the green palette. Good times. Nothing better than a perfect summer day, with good paint, good friends, and cold beers. Looking forward to Shed v.3 in Spring 09! Click-Zoom.

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