2005 Flashback. MWM B:2 Series.

With the seasons changing and the temperature dropping I have been getting psyched for this year’s installment of my lifelong B/W Bangers Series. This winter will be the 5th Volume (MWM B/W B:5). Lately I’ve been pondering how I will create the series, what supplies I will use, and what the narrative will be. Tonight I spent some time flipping through my B:2 Archive from 2005/2006 (Yes, the entire B:2 Series is on Gold Certificate Paper. So Legit!) One thing I am planning with B:5 is to make artworks that have the clean, bold, high-contrast look of these B:2 pieces, but also with super clean shades of grey. In B:3 and B:4 I experimented a lot with greyscale watercolor washes, gestural and literally dripping wet. This time around I will bring it back to clean and calculated marks with the greys and hopefully keep the same depth and personal touch. As always, the entire MWM B/W Bangers Series can be viewed in it’s entirety at my site, B:1 / B:2 / B:3 / B:4 and I still have a couple copies of B:4 for sale in the MWM Graphics Shop. Stay tuned in the coming months for the evolution of B:5. Click-Zoom.

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