A day full of art parties from 2 of the tristate areas most progressive hip(ster) communities.
1st day time in williamsburg getting drunk on free Dewars at the Collosal Media warehouse space.

And 2nd… I left those fruitloops to meet my Mel and our homie Alex’s party in home sweet home… Jersey City. Good events are pretty rare in JC so when I hear of something that should be good, I try my best to be there. its always much easier to ride my bike home drunk when i’m in my own neighborhood.

Worst thing about this party was the DJ that thought he was Fat Man Scoop shouting all over the Mic.

Mel w/ Josh… owner of the first skateshop in JC.

Josh has JC on his side!

My Homie Chuck D…. very talented tattoo artist… me and this dude go way back… running around philly during our college days! His tattoo shops coming up on its 1 year anniversary this january. One of the first in JC…

Alex… the man behind the party!

My boy Ronnie… JC skate local… Ronnie and his friends built one of the sickest mini ramps that i’ve seen… built in he ground floor of a warehouse… they built the halfpipe around 2 pillars running through the flat. no room for mistakes on this ramp. (i’ll post more pics about the ramp later)

Very fun Saturday!

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