Sunday night, there was a party at Frank White by my crib. The DJ was King of Diggin’ MURO from the land of rising sun, the Far East Babylon Tokyo!

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When I got there, Muro was spinning and Twigy was on the mic!!!! Muro and Twigy on the set together in Brooklyn!!!
That was something I really didn’t expect to see here in Brooklyn. It was so fresh! Many people might know Muro as DJ, the King of Diggin’,
he and Twigy are the main members of Microphone Pager, the Japan’s legendary Rap group.
After his DJ playing, we chilled in the backyard and caught up. You can not talk about Japanese Hip Hop without mentioning them!
Anyway this weekend I saw many friends from Tokyo, and I kinda felt like I was in Tokyo, lol
Good times. Good times〜♪

Big up to Muro, Twigy, Gideon, Hideki, BK Masa, Saga, BBP, JuJu para Beatnuts.


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