CTA back in effect…?

Its been a long while since i picked up a spray can… but a couple weeks ago my homie Klas hit me up and told me he had a wall for the crew to paint in the Bricks.

It felt good getting back out…
bag of paint
bricks police
night shot1
special guest: Veer… first time meeting dude… and he’s a pretty cool guy.veer
Mr. Organizer: Klasunico
My Master Ase: Xide… I’ve know this dude since i was in 1st grade
My brother from another mother/land: June ichibon
Yours truly: Jnub CTA crew NJ
Final Product… was never a big fan of landscape back grounds… but over all the wall came out good.
for a bunch of guys who never really paint legals… we came together on this pretty well.
click on the photo to see the full wall:

This is gonna be a good Summer!

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