Simply stated, we love this KR3W.


Founded in 2002 by former TSA Apparel creative director Angel Cabada, KR3W has been nothing short of a sensation since it’s inception, attracting the likes of Erik Ellington, Jim Greco and Chad Muska to carry the brand name while out thrashing the living hell out of any spot seen fit. Through word of mouth, cameos in skate videos and magazines and holding a reputation as a tough brand for tough motherfuckers, KR3W has since blown up over the last few years with a highly-anticipated drops on both the apparel side, and with a footwear company it started a couple years back; you might have heard of it – oh, just a little brand called Supra.

We here at KarmaloopBlogs have been fawning, drooling and swooning over the Fall and Holiday ’09 KR3W line-sheets for weeks now, and finally, our fantasies are manifesting into our real lives (next time, we’re going to do the same with a Megan Fox magazine layout and see what happens…). As impressive as this summer sneak peek is… well, we’re going to do our best and keep it a surprise. Sorry, but you’ll thank us later.

Nevertheless, the limited summer drop is filled with enough goodies to tide us over for another month or so. Though it’s officially swamp-ass season, a risk that we’re willing to take is checking The Erik Ellington signature Slims Jeans (above right). With Skullington’s approval, you know these have to fit right, look tight (or vice-versa) and stand up to the most brutal bails session after session. Don’t skate? Don’t worry. The super dark wash combined with tan contrast stitching and silver detail at the back pockets practically screams out “fresh” without others screaming “poser” right back at you.


Favorite skate bags ever.

The epinonimous joint (above left) is, in a word, complete. With compartments for everything from your cell phone to your laptop, along with a grip of extra goodies (bottle openers, skate-wheel rollers, skate hardware), The Skate Bag is ideal for road trips to parks and heralded skate spots across state lines, or for smuggling drugs and guns from- … disregard.

A smaller alternative, The Skatepack Backpack (doye), is just as appealing and more feasible for ev-a-ree-day use. Featuring similar cellie and laptop compartments, as well as the same abrasion-resistant panels, padded straps and air mesh panels, The Skatepack goes the extra mile and adds the instant crush-worthy mp3 pocket to drown out the hideous sounds of the outside world.


As we saw throughout the last few seasons, KR3W is stepping it up like big girls in aerobics class when it comes to accessories – especially with the timepieces. We’re stoked on the new-new all-black Stealth Watch (check the white version, too). From the premium, imported Italian leather strap to the stainless steel casing, we’re hard pressed to find a single flaw – especially considering the water-resistance and intimidating industrial look.

As always, the crew at, um, KR3W, hooked it up like the dopeman’s going out of business sale, so hit the banner below to check out more of the madness dropped at Karmaloop.



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