TRIVMVIR – The Panzerdivision Wool Coat


Just can’t get enough of this crew.

As we mentioned in a previous post, Triumvir‘s decision to go cut & sew with it’s Holiday line and beyond was met with a great deal of enthusiasm here at Karmaloop, and the results we’ve seen have confirmed our predictions for this season; TRIVMVIR wins.

The clincher for The Blogs is the polarizing aesthetic, fit and construction of the oft-debated Panzerdivision Wool Coat. Never before has an item arrived at ‘Loop World Headquarters eliciting such variable opinions, yet it still doesn’t surprise us when cats visit Blog Dungeon to tell us how right we’ve been wearing this motherfucker all over the place throughout the early stages of winter.

Admittedly, we’re biased. It’s not very often that there’s one single item The III puts out which we don’t cop with the quickness, and this joint was no exception. While TRIVMVIR seemingly caters specifically to our crazy, black hearts and tastes for all things loud, aggressive and brutal, it took others a few days to come around and recognize the innovation behind The Panzerdivision Coat. With it’s unique button-collar scheme, this is essentially three different coats in one; a biker style with the collar and lapels down (second row left) , a traditional pea coat look with a modern twist at the mid-fastening point (top row left), and finally, an uber-militaristic, ready for war style (top row right) with the collar buttoned high. In addition to the crisp, signature black rose embroidery and zipper detail at the chest, the soft-yet-rugged wool construction and crucial number of pockets completes this champ and earns it’s respect from hardcore and hip hop sets alike.






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