Fresh out the Yay Area comes new dope from one of our favorite brands, BLVCK SCVLE.

Following the crazy reception for the BLVCK SCVLE x Karmaloop collaboration last season, our dudes turned up the heat this summer with new graphics and colorways while keeping shit clean and simple – just the way we like it.

The Big C Logo Tee (above left) is the case in point. After few minor tweaks to the script logo before stacking the fonts clean an’ pretty up-front-and-center, it’s just a quick Billy Mays “BAM later and we have an instant classic. Same goes for The Black Verso Tees (below left) and The Fleur de Noir Tees (below right), in both black with red print and white with a tiffany and purple overlay. Despite the fact our crystal ball was shattered along with the bong and pint glasses (don’t ask…) we can see some new colorways for these rockers in the very near future.

Breaking from the norms, BLVCK SCVLE gets it’s artiste on with a couple tees this summer, covering two of the sanbiki no saru with The See No Evil and Speak No Evil Tees (above right). Smoking might not be very healthy or keep you from smelling too fresh, but according to the 13 year-old who skips school to skate across the street all day, “it’s cool,” so we’ll take the lil’ bastard at his word and co-sign the See No Evil joint. We’re loving the Herb Ritts black & white aesthetic, with the classic beauty mademoiselle complete with her veil and touch of cancerous badassness, almost as much as we’re smitten with the seductive glance and ruby red lips presented with the Speak No Evil Tee. Throw in the cut-and-sew quality and true-to-size fit for the entire collection, and BLVCK SCVLE has a complete line of instantly covetable tees to get us prepped for the fall drop in the weeks to come.



Click the banner below to check out more of the BLVCK SCVLE summer drop at Karmaloop. NOW, fool!



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