Sweatin’ ‘em

More so than any year past, sweaters have become more and more prominent on the site this winter and the trend has been met with open arms – by not only by us degenerates at The Blogs, but by most of you all as well seeing how quickly these fuckers go out of stock.

For good reason; cardigans are the official new shit, rocking hoodies every day is beyond us (we’re some old folks now) and the four gems below are simply too fresh to ignore.



The Rubicon Sweater by Beta Unit is our pick of the lot; composed of 50% alpaca wool and 40% acrylic, The Rubicon is soft enough to be the latest garment your girl conveniently “borrows” until next winter, and the additional 10% of standard wool makes this joint tough enough for your grizzled, old grand-dad to grunt at in approval. Complete with innovative leather belts at the hem and collar with antique wooden button-closure, the vintage aesthetic shares a crazy modern look when the hood is taken into account, and show us a man who doesn’t like simple welt pockets at the waist and we’ll show you a goddamned liar.



A close second from our dudes at Mishka, The Crest Shawl Collar Sweater is killin’ shit with the embroidery. The logo at the chest pops in red, and the giant green-on-green “Bad Luck Skull” embroidery at the back panel features detail deluxe on one of the hottest logos in the game. You should all know about Mishka cut & sew quality by now, but if not, this piece is the perfect introduction to one of your new favorite brands.



From Shepard Fairey and Co. is The Longshore Sweater in Black, a double-breasted style from Obey that exudes more class than holding in a fart throughout a dinner date. Options is the name of the game here, offering a couple different looks depending on your personal style, the elements or the rest of your outfit. We’re partial to the fully-buttoned look, but you don’t have to take our word for it (we’re crazy).



The Perez Henley Hoodie by Comune has been steady catching our eyes since it dropped, and we’ve warmed up to this one (literally) once we finally got a chance to try it out – craaazy. All the comfort and familiarity of your favorite hooded sweatshirt with the warmth and sturdiness of a sweater, and the hyper-detailed Southwestern-inspired stitching pattern beneath the solid black hood is the clincher.

All these and more live on the site right now – click here to check ‘em out.


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