Sneaktip’s Summer Collaboration Series


Brooklyn’s finest, Sneaktip, goes coast-to-coast and back again this summer, linking up New York luminaries Mighty Healthy and Deadline, as well as Hawaii’s In4mation gang, for a collaboration series so fire it’s bound to .


This Sneaktip x Mighty Healthy Collab or Die Tee is killin’ us with the font of Nintendo‘s all-time classic video game Skate or Die (Rodney Recloose was our dude back in the day), and we applaud the decision to keep the scattered fire hydrant, bone and assorted random graphics; just a bit of authenticity from two of the realest brands out there. Perfect for you lucky fuckers out there with the Nike SB joints to match.


Skipping the big city for the pristine coasts of Hawaii’s North Shore, the Sneaktip x In4mation collaboration gives a shout-out to the wanna-be sneakerheads, constantly rubberneckin’ so hard to check out your fresh set that the next step for the suckers is a pair of crutches rather than a pair of customs. While it’s never a bad thing to let your kicks do the talking (p.s. 0:38) for you, it’s also recommended to rub it in as much as possible – in that case, this collabo is pure lotion.


Following a short stay in paradise, it’s back to the nitty gritty where the Sneaktip set links up with BK brethren Deadline for The What’s Beef Tee. Featuring Biggie’s classic portrait up front and center, blunt in mouth, lye drifting like the smoke from a recently fired cannon, the back presents Big’s cryptic, foreshadowing lyrics Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep / Beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets / Beef is when I see you / Guaranteed to be in ICU…” The finishing touch, adding the hearse from the Life After Death album’s back sleeve with a Deadline logo at the door, makes this tee one of the most poignant tributes we’ve seen.

Click the banner below to get a closer look at Sneaktip’s Summer Collaboration Series as well as the rest of the drop – colorways for days, suckas.



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